Lovely Landry at 4...

I realize that she is more than half-way to five by now, so just don't think about that and enjoy these snapshots of our lovely girl at 4.

We had these pictures scheduled for March and you know what they say... "If you want it to rain, just have Katy plan Landry's pictures."

Yes. They say that.

Every available weekday or weekend that we could make these work in the spring rained. And not just sprinkle... I mean it rained. Like Forest Gump rain.

So we didn't even take these pictures until the summer!!! But once again, they were more than worth the wait...I feel just like Landry jumping for joy over the cuteness.

Each kid posed by these giant 4s for their annual pics. If you want to do the same, it's a building off Carter Creek in Bryan  (at least that's what I think - I'm awful with streets...I just know how to get there.)

I mean, how darling are these kids?

She wasn't too sure about the overalls at first, but then she fell hard for them. I think they just fit her personality so well. Darling, fun, ready for adventure... all the way down to the untied shoe. (That wasn't planned, just happened and I love it). 

I mean. I can't even take the cuteness. I love this stage... the in between of being big but still so little. 

We fanned her off (because, oh my word, the Texas heat) and let her cool down before switching gears into her girly goodness. 

See what I mean... she looks so big to me here.

She's also smart enough to appreciate a good twirl. 

I actually bought this dress for her 3 year pictures but I seem to have the world's smallest children and it just didn't suit her. 

But it quickly became a favorite of hers because she said she felt like a ballerina princess. 

And now I really want to know what it feels like to be a ballerina princess. 

I look at pictures like this and my breath escapes me. This tiny human radiates joy. She is a force. She is a light. She is kind and funny and one of my three favorite gifts I've ever been given. 

She is full of spunk and sass. 

She rocks pig tails better than almost anyone I know. 

And she is really really good at the mean mug. 

The world is hers to conquer. And with each new day I am so lucky to watch her discover something. 

Something amazing. Something fun. Something hard. Something simple. Something big. Something small. And in return, I discover something too. 

I discover my capacity to love is greater than I ever anticipated. I discover that even when I am exhausted and really want to do anything besides read another story, my energy arrives and I can be any voice in a funny book. I discover that modeling confident behavior for my girls is a gift not just to them, but to their brother and their friends and the people we've never even met. 

I discover that out of all my jobs, raising these children of mine, is the most important one. 

This series of photos becomes even more special after each year. She is by far our best snuggler... toddling into our room on cue every single morning. 

"Mommy, Mommy... can I get in bed with you?" as she climbs up before I even have time to respond. And of course the answer is always yes.


Because no matter how big she is, there is always room right beside me for whatever "something" she needs. 


  1. These are so fabulous! Where were all the outdoor pics taken with the pond...I know I've asked before. I just love that you do that series of pictures every year.

    1. The ones with the pond are at Research Park - the others are at a park off Ashburn... and I'm pretty grateful for those profession pics, too. :)

  2. Katy, those series pictures killed me! Miss you!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Katy! These are the sweetest pictures ever!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I love taking these every year!

  4. I.have.no.words! These are all stunning!!! Lovely little Landry!