Kings of Futbol...

When Ryan brought home Radley's first pair of cleats, I had never seen a bigger smile on his face. Not even our wedding day, because he cried like a baby that day. 

He was giddy. He could not wait to share his love for the game with his son. 

Every time Radley scores a goal that smile creeps back in and he tries to hide it. 

He especially loves the way Radley plays it off like its no big deal. 

There's no celebrating, there's just the tiniest smirk full of pride as he circles around back to midfield. 

I expected soccer to become the thing for them. I knew it would be a great way for them to have a way to connect and get outside and steal moments away for talks that will come to involve much more than the game. 

What I didn't expect is how much we'd all love it. 

How much joy we each get watching this guy share his passion with us. 

How much we'd want to go kick some balls and play a game that I had never watched before Radley's first game. 

But we do. 

And we are super serious about it, too.

It's hard running up and down that field - we need lots of water breaks. 

Just thankful to be able to spend time outside with my people. Running, laughing and playing a game that their daddy taught us to love.

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