Friday Favorites...

Goodness... why does it feel like days last forever but the weeks fly by? I do feel like we are finally in the swing of things with our crazy schedule and if I do say so myself... totally rocking it. The homework schedule is down so that it doesn't take a full hour to get through it all and that's always a giant praise hand because, well, SPANISH. Every time I try to help the kids I'm met with...

So besides the hallelujah for a routine, here are some of my other favorites this week...


We tried Andrea's Pumpkin Cream Pies... and they are AMAZING! Make them. Now. 


The busyness of our schedule has actually given us more time together and we've been able to spend lots of that time outside with the cooler temps. Whether it's me working out between dance classes with Landry, running around the park while the girls are scooting during soccer, or grabbing a picnic dinner between the chaos. Spending time with my Wee3Kings is always a favorite!

::Note to self: take more pics with the kiddos::


The world celebrated a big birthday this week...and it basically just means that I along with 1000s of my closest stalkers friends will be counting down the days until November 25... 


I have a pretty awesome month ahead starting with a  trip to Vegas with Ryan and then a visit to Austin with Cindy hang with our pal, Adele. Naturally I need fun new clothes for both occasions. I am basically IN LOVE with all things floral these days and found some darling dresses at Pink Desert and Gray Monroe so naturally... 

I did score the Kailey Swing Dress earlier this week but I need to size down and there aren't any left. What's a girl to do now?!?


We got Landry's four year pics back this week and y'all. I just can't take it. 

Comparison pics are my absolute FAVORITE. 

Progression pics... well, just hand me all the Kleenex because... 

That's about all on this Friday! Hope you have a blessed weekend, because those are my favorite, too!!


  1. What a gorgeous girl!! Love Landry's hat & overalls so much!!

  2. Love the pictures.. They are adorable Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  3. 1) I have GOT to get my binge on (and now I'm thinking of flaking on tonight's football game so I can do just that!) and 2) give me all the comparison pics! Love, love, LOVE!!!