Here's an insta-look at life as We5Kings from this past week... 

We were kid free through Tuesday afternoon so my Monday morning routine was so quiet!! I tried to lay in bed as long as I could but still managed to get up early. BUT, I had enough time to basically watch an ENTIRE MOVIE before making it to work. Bonus: the temps were cool enough that morning for a scarf with one of my favorite Target dresses. 

But by Tuesday I was ready to be reunited with this crew! Tuesdays are dance days so inbetween Emmy and Landry's class we headed to a park for a picnic and play time. As stressed as I was about this schedule, I have to admit I AM LOVING IT! We are outside all the time and I'm spending so much time WITH them instead of AROUND them. 

Does that make sense? When we are at home, they are playing with each other in the playroom or outside and I'm busy distracting myself with something like silly like housework, cooking or even sneaking a few chapters in whatever I'm reading at the time.

This is so much better. 

If I served this for dinner every night of the week, my kids would think I'm the coolest. 

Petite Charcuterie Board for the win.

Or, as we really call it - SNACK PLATES!

Remember when these were the coolest candy ever? 
And it was TOTALLY ok to give them to your kids?
And we walked around puffing fake smoke like Sandy and Danny?

Yeah. We found some at a local boutique in Bryan and couldn't pass up the purchase.

I have been on the hunt for a casual floral dress. I tried carting the one the Shelly snagged but they are sold out. I ordered this one but alas, it's HUGE on me. 

And then I discovered this darling number below and they had it in my size for a great price and I was ready to buy AND THEN IT DISAPPEARED. 

As in they took it down before I could pay.

But. I am committed to the cause y'all. I will not give in. A floral dress will be mine!!!!

::insert evil crazy laugh here::

(also, feel free to send me some links)

We finally busted out the Halloween decorations - because the kids had been begging for weeks. This guy has been around since I was a kid and he is still one of my favorite decorations. It's basically not Halloween until he makes an appearance. 

And y'all. 

This may seem like a silly, tiny not-that-amazing chalkboard to you... but it's basically the greatest thing I've ever drawn in my life. 

#myonlyBwasinart #wishIwasAndrea

Part of our Halloween costumes arrived... and even I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about it. This was all the kids idea and I can't wait to see it all come together!

At one point I looked down on Friday night and thought... "apron, chipped polish, hover ball, and wine".... I'll take #signsofmotherhood for 1000, Alex. 

The park where Radley's soccer games are held has butterfly bushes planted every where and holy monarchs, were they putting on a show Saturday morning!

We followed up their show with an afternoon with Daniel Tiger to celebrate Millie's Birthday!

We made our way back up to the soccer field on Saturday night for some family fun. I had my trusty RHS water bottle with me and asked Ryan to snap a pic. I thought I was going to be super cute and hold it out and smile and be all fun... y'all. 



ps. I also got injured. 

Poor girl. We go and go and go. She doesn't nap at school and this weekend we didn't stop to nap at home. I looked up on Saturday evening and she was just out. 

Landry and I settled in next to her to watch a movie and next thing I know, I'm waking up and it's almost 11pm. I crawl off the couch not to wake either of them and go to get Ryan (who is asleep next to Rad in the other room) and we had to snap a picture. Emersyn was basically sleeping standing up. 

And y'all. 


That's crazy. But also awesome. 

So while Ryan was dropping off the big kids at Sunday school, me and Landry headed to HEB...oh and BlueBell came too. 


Did I mention that I bought a week's worth of groceries for $55.51???

And that is dinner at home every night except Tuesday. Plus lunch supplies and snacks. 

And if that isn't a great way to start the week, then I don't know what is! 


  1. Your chalkboard art is definitely an A+ and I can't wait to see the Halloween costumes!!!

  2. I'm missing in your life. :) we must correct soon!