Oh Holy Night...

The kids had their annual school Christmas show last week. Parents and grandparents get to the church an hour early to save seats and wait for the highly anticipated 30 minute show-stopper - 15 of which is the kids switching places from audience to stage. 

Landry was happy to smile and look adorable in her Christmas dress and kept us all entertained with her bubbly smiles and squeals. 

 Then the classes began to make their entrance...

and excitement began to mount...

and they took the stage!
(I love the varying expressions)

I was so nervous for Emmy. As cute as she may be - she does not love an audience. (Clearly does not get that from me). She typically plays alone in big groups of kids and does her own thing until she decides otherwise. 

But as soon as she heard the music she was GIDDY! She looked at Miss Shanon and just clapped and smiled and was ready to perform! We were so proud of her!

Bumblebees (2 years) and Promises (2-3 years) got to perform together. They sang a melody of songs including Away in a Manger, Do you hear the Christmas Bells, and Ring Ring Ring the Bells - complete with hand motions. 

And that's when the wheels fell off. 


One part of the song requires the kids to turn in a circle and sweet Emersyn lost her footing and fell off the "stage". We think her pride was more hurt than she actually was because she just lost it. I was a combination of laughing and sad for her. She eventually stood back up and finished strong - but the drama did add to her performance.


Then it was time for Sunshine (3-4 years) and Friendships (Pre-K). This crew was a little more into the performance.

Although you would never be able to tell by the stunned looks on all their faces as they were getting ready.

Last minute jitters?

We were treated to What Child is This, 5 Little Reindeer, and Rudolf! They all did a GREAT job!

My kids have been singing the songs for weeks so I caught myself singing right along with them - hand motions and all. 

 Then it was time for more pics and dinner.

Every time I see a picture of Radley I am amazed at how quickly he is growing. This sweater and shirt are from "the other side" of the aisle. 

When did this happen!?!

And this is what you get when you say
"Hurry up and smile - people are waiting behind us!"

This is the last Christmas program these two will have together - they have literally been friends since birth. Kayla had been a big sister for a day when we took this and Radley was super proud for her and of her. 


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