If it ain't broke...

I'm not sure how or why the tradition of bowling on our MLK holiday got started, but it's a day I always look forward to spending with this crazy crew of mine. We almost tried out the new jump place in town, but y'all, they SURGE prices on school holidays. Ummm. No.

Meanwhile at Grand Station, we bowled, laser tagged, bumper carred, and played games for the low price of $16 each. Clearly we shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Our group has expanded over the years and this year we had SEVENTEEN kids and six adults hanging with our crew.

The big boys were on a lane all to themselves without bumpers. All that Wii bowling must have paid off for Radley because his game has totally improved.


Besides being great "athletes" these kids are just FUN to hang out with. I love their sense of humor and sarcasm. I love listening to their stories and watching them interact.

I just adore how much the adore each other (well, mostly each other).

Radley asked me if he could make a living bowling and visions of my life spent at a bowling alley flashed before my eyes. 

And you know what? There are worse places you could be!

All the kids were {mostly} all smiles which made the day that much more fun.

I'm totally having a love/hate relationship with how much they are growing up. 

I love that we do this every single year and I can't believe how tiny they were when we started way back in 2011. We totally brought the swing in with us y'all. Crazy? or Genius?

And because I was curious, here we are through the years.

1. Where was Mills in the 2012 pic? Maybe she was napping but it's unlike me or Cindy to leave a kid out of a picture for a silly reason like that.
2. We were kind in 2011 & 2013 to settle for pics of kids not looking at the camera... Again - who are we?
3. We did not plan for them to all match in 2015
4. We clearly were missing the Munsons (they ditched us for camping - ha) and quit caring what they wore. 

And here they are now.... who are these giants and what did they do with our children?!? Also, my motto of "the more the merrier" made this day so much more fun!

As fun as bowling was, I think the real winner of the day were the bumper cars.

Every one had so much fun - maybe we will go back before next year!

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