Tiny Tales Thursday...

We kind of hit the jackpot when it comes to first borns. That Radley King is kind, intelligent, gracious, forgiving, loving, inquisitive, tenacious, athletic, and just fun to be around. There isn't much to complain about with this one.



He doesn't eat spaghetti. As in the nectar of my motherland. Not even my momma's spaghetti gravy (which if you've been around here a hot minute, you know is what we call "sauce").

She has fed 1000s of people this gravy.
The entire RHS varsity football team in 1994.
All 100 people that attended our rehearsal dinner. (Yeah - we had a big wedding).
She even made it for UPS drivers one year at the request of Ryan.

People love this stuff. We should bottle it and make millions because EVERYONE loves this stuff except my son.

He doesn't like spaghetti.

But he will eat pesto and goat cheese tortellini. Or prosciutto and mozzarella. Or half a dozen fried eggs with Frank's lathered on top. Or sushi. And my sauteed mushrooms.

But he doesn't like spaghetti.

Or french fries.

I mean - WHAT?!?

How is he even a child?

And his favorite food is any type of Asian cuisine - specifically Pei Wei. He loves everything about any dish he's tried. So he was so dang excited about dinner on Monday. We were trying our hand at making Fed+Fit's Mongolian Beef - my choice for Chinese every single time - and I have to say... WE HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!!

My iPhone picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. This dish was super fun (and easy) to make, full of flavor (and NONE of the bad stuff) and most importantly loved by every member of We5Kings. So... click on that little link above and make plans to make this soon. And also every night because so dang good!!! (Also, I am purposefully not posting the recipe here because you need to do yourself a favor and be a regular at her site!!)

In the meantime, I'll be eating gravy with a straw and hoarding all the french fries. 

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  1. I for one and glad you made this because damn it was good! BUT how have I not heard of this gravy!!