Family Fun...

This past weekend we packed in a ton of fun with the family. Jody and Sonya surprised everyone at Christmas with the news that they were heading to Texas in January for Sonya's birthday. If I were to gage the excitement factor with this news... the kids win hands down.

COUSIN OWEN COUSIN OWEN - he's basically a celebrity. 

So the weekend finally arrived, we busted the kids out of school early on Friday and headed to Waco to spend the night at Gigi and Pops. Owen is almost as tall as me, but I still have at least an inch on him. For now. 

On Saturday, the CS sibling crew drove to Ft. Worth to meet Jody and Sonya and some of their California friends for a night on the town. Confession: as Texan as I am, I have never been out to the stockyards. Y'all... WHAT HAS TAKEN ME SO LONG??!?

Besides just being the cutest place ever, we had the BEST time and I wasn't even drinking!!
(See kids, you don't have to drink to have fun!)


We don't get to be together very often, so it was so sweet to hang with these two play some pool, laugh and pretend that we are still young enough to hang out until past 1am. Which is exactly what we did - and while I'm clearly the youngest and best looking of the group... Jody totally wins at playing pool. (Although I did have an awesome last game). 

I kind of hit the jackpot with brothers.

Ryan and I made the drive back to CS SUPER early on Sunday morning because I had a work commitment so we decided to let the kids stay an extra day in Waco. I drove back early on Monday morning and we spent the day exploring the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

If you have a day and want a quick, fun, and educational trip with kiddos - this is your stop. 

In the late 70s two men discovered a HERD of mammoth bones. HERD y'all. And since then they've been working to preserve this site. Many of the bones of the TWENTY-FOUR mammoths have been donated to Baylor and the local children's museum but they kept some on site and in 2015 President Obama named this a National Monument.


This little girl was basically the cutest asking so many questions - that's usually Radley's role but she was on fire and so eager to learn more. 

They've created a structure around the actual dig site which was especially cool. 

This is a mural to scale of a real mammoth - approximately 14 feet to their shoulders. INSANE! And y'all - these suckers were walking around just 65,000 years ago. I mean that's practically yesterday in paleo years! 

We couldn't leave without revisiting the dig site where Radley discovered the shoulder bone of a mammoth. He was so pumped and has decided on a career change from marine biologist to marine paleontologist.  

Can't wait until our next visit! We love y'all!

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