That they lived...

We took an unexpected trip to Baton Rouge this weekend to celebrate the lives of two dear people. My cousin, Tammy, was born with Aicardi Syndrome and her parents were told she wouldn’t live past the age of 5. She proved everyone wrong and would have celebrated her 40th birthday this May. She was a light and joy and although we never uttered a word to each other, her presence was felt and profound at each family gathering big or small. She taught each of us that no matter our circumstance, life was worth celebrating and living to the fullest.

Our dear family friend, Ricky, died the morning after Tammy. He was the same age as my brother, Jeremy, and has been fighting cancer for 16 years. Let that sink in. His determination and faith kept him going beyond every set back. He would persevere. He would continue. He fought and continued and carried on.

They both fought the good fight. They both finished the race. They both kept the faith. And now they are resting, completely healed, in the arms of Jesus.

While neither death was unexpected – we also can’t really ever expect or prepare for death. We weep. We mourn. Our hearts are sad for our loss and the loss of those that loved them most. But we also find ourselves rejoicing in the fact that they lived profound lives. And we pray that when it is our turn, people will say the same.

That we lived.

Rest easy. Be whole. And know that we are grateful for the beautiful lives that you lived.

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  1. I seriously wish I could express myself with words like you do! Beautiful.