Raise your hand if you're surprised I am posting this two weeks after my last week's view of our life through my phone. Oh, not surprised? I am not shocked that you are not shocked. 

We have an activity Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings so I'm always prepped with snacks. I ask the kiddos in the morning what they want to eat and Emersyn caught me off guard and asked for Cheerios then she went and grabbed one of our old snack bowls from when they were eating rice cereal and I saw an 18 month old toddler for a split second. 

Every now and then they both sneak in my room - be still my heart with the sweetest little girls in the softest big bed. 

This kid turned into a giant overnight. He is the kindest, sweetest, smartest, guy I know and I am so very glad that he's mine. He had a big UIL event a couple of weeks ago and made a goal to just place. 

We headed up to the awards ceremony and although he didn't get the results he worked so hard for, he left with a pretty valuable new lesson

My mom dropped off some of my old dance costumes and to say that these two were excited is an understatement. Emersyn couldn't get over that I "showed my belly" in PUBLIC when I was a little girl. Needless to say, she wears this all the time. 

Anyone else do this? I actually had this polish on for a month before it started chipping, but once it happens there is really no point. Five minutes later, these were polish free. 

Don't you just love church marquees? I saw this one at a stop light last week and loved it. 

"What steps are you taking right now to develop the kind of character that will outlive you?"

Think about that... what are we doing now, tomorrow, next week, next year... to write our story that will be told for years after we are gone? What are we teaching our children? How do we interact with strangers? Are we setting a Christ-like example for others? 

One of the steps I am taking is to crusade on behalf of all women that do believe that leggings are, in fact, pants. They are y'all. They have legs and a waist... pants. 

When we were snapping this pic for our annual day bowling, I couldn't help but think that this is our circus and these are our monkeys. ;)

If you missed my post about Fed+Fit's Mongolian Beef, please go check it out.


Some days I just sit and ask myself what am I doing? Am I a good mom - some days, am I even a an OKAY mom? And some days I'm going through homework folders and discover that I may be doing okay afterall. 

Translation: My mom is awesome. She is an Aggie. She has two brothers. She loves her family and her mom and dad. 

I love you, too, Emersyn.

That part of homework is fun - most of the other stuff is completely overrated. Jenn and I send random texts to confirm our hatred for this weekly time sucker. Her response is brilliant. 

And if that isn't enough to love her, she sent me a RANDOM care package FILLED with Trader Joe's goodies JUST BECAUSE. I hit the jackpot with her as a soul sister/blog bestie/internet friend turned sister wife. 

Speaking of jackpots - run to Target y'all. These darling FOOD FREE Valentine's are in the dollar spot right now. Huge selection so your chances of picking the same aren't too high, but you know what, I don't even care if we get duplicates because they are so cute. 

Rad went with dinosaurs and the girls picked erasers. (And yes, we are already done - that never happens. I'm usually scrambling at the end...this is all because of Target!!)

HobLob also got some major bonus points this week. This is one of my favorite quotes and this print was on sale for $20 - couldn't pass it up. I put it on our mantle so we see it each and every day as a great reminder for us be good and believe in the good.

And that's us in an instant!

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