We left off around December 19... Landry was feeling a bit under the weather that morning so we basically laid around the house all day long. We decided to go to mass that night so we could sleep in on Sunday and have a lazy family day. Ryan tried to meet us but it was one of the busiest days of the year for UPS so it was just me and these three little angels....but don't let those sweet faces fool you... let me set the scene as we were kneeling before communion:

Me in my greatest "Catholic mom whisper"to Landry: If you don't pay attention, Jesus himself will have to come down off that cross to save you....

Communion hymn begins: "gentle woman...."


That night was one of my favorite of the Christmas countdown ... the night we all sleep under the tree. We couldn't have picked a better one...so cold outside while we were warm and cuddled up inside. 

The next day Rad, Emmy and Ryan ran some errands while me and Landry made a mess some memories... 

It was CHILLY but the girls had it in their heads that they wanted to be puppies, so... 

act surprised if they decide this is what they want to wear for Halloween.

Sunday night Holly, Shelly and I met for a quick Christmas dinner (and by dinner I mean bread and wine) and I was reminded again how God sends us the greatest gifts. Holly had us bracelets made with the perfect them song lyrics, "Where you lead, I will follow"... they get me. 

Monday started the last week of school for 2017 which meant the delivery of teacher gifts. I followed these three around for a half second to snap a pic and then they very nicely reminded me that they could "do it alone, Mom." 

I went in to work for a half-day and then I was out... 

just in time for class parties and sing alongs!

Tuesday was early release so I grabbed Landry early too and we celebrated the beginning of the break with some froyo!

When they got home, the kids opened their school stockings and Radley was so pumped about this treasure. 

One last day of dance with the bestie... they didn't even plan to match.

One Wednesday we met the besties for a movie and then headed to their house for some leaf playing and dinner... this is the second year in a row we've done this, so by Aggieland decree - this is now a tradition. I wonder how many "birth order" pics we will have by the time M&L graduate high school.

The next day it was more leaf playing at our house while Cindy and I traded off running errands kid-free. 

That night we packed the car with the Acosta crew for a cruise around town looking at lights and this was the winner...

Friday morning (the 23rd) the Munsons headed north to Great Wolf Lodge when Josh called me with the news that he forgot their camera. Well, I happen to have grown fond of Josh over the past 20 years, so we headed to their house to pick it up and overnight it to Dallas because I'd hate to see him killed at Christmas. ;) I broke the "no movie in the car unless it's a long trip" rule and by the time we arrived to their house, Emmy was already asleep.

We got the camera shipped and spent the day being lazy waiting for Gigi and Pops to arrive. Then we decided that we would go out to a "fancy" dinner to avoid the kitchen. Best idea ever.

Also - I found this pic of them in these dresses from 3 years ago. Y'all.

Christmas Even had finally arrived which around here means MEATBALL DAY!

We cooked and baked and cleaned and ate and cooked and laughed and played the day away. Then we got dressed for church.

It was the first time we were attending midnight mass in almost a decade and I was so excited to share one of my favorite Christmas traditions with our own kids. I had told them that my favorite part was when Father carried baby Jesus into the church since when Mass started it was officially Christmas Day. Well, y'all... 

Emmy got to carry in baby Jesus! A moment I will never forget!

By the time we woke up Christmas arrived and we spent the day with the ones we love enjoying more food, laughter, fun and even a few naps. *Which is why Pops isn't pictured here.*

This teepee turned out to be a HUGE hit - great job, Santa!

Emersyn spent the day writing notes and drawing pictures with her new art set and I can't wait to frame this and hang it up next year... 

"Santa, I am glad you like the cookies. You are cool. Miss Claus, you are sweet. Love - Emmy." 

We said goodbye to Gigi and Pops and I think maybe ate some food and slept a lot. 

Because by Tuesday, we were headed to Waco to spend a couple of days at the kids' favorite place. The girls came across this trophy and were delighted to find out it was mine. I was the only girl on that team and this trophy was legit with it's marble base. And, we were the actual champions - this wasn't handed out to just everyone.

We spent Christmas with the "Waco cousins" as Emmy has named them so we heard lots of giggles and shrieks of joy. 

And then even more when Jenni and I tried our hand at the Wii. Y'all.... that is a WORKOUT. My arms were sore after "riding that bike". But, we totally set the record for the game. 

I also got some time in with "the sisters"... I wasn't born with sisters, but God sure did gift me with these three. 

We finally headed back to CStat on Friday so this kid could get his hair cleaned up. Y'all. His cowlick is insane. I mean... look how many directions this kid's hair grows. Our options are really long or super short otherwise it just flops all over. 

We ended the year with lots of food, tons of fun and some amazing friends! 

And that was {DECEMBER} in an instant!

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