Whole30 besties...

Everyone needs a bestie. I'm lucky to have besties in all walks of life. I couldn't make it through my day without my work bestie, my PTO bestie, my blog bestie, my crazy bestie, my shopping bestie, my bestie besties.... and well, you get the idea. 

You especially need a bestie when you are doing something hard. You need that person(s) that is going to tell you that you can do it. That you will do it. And that you are totally going to kick ass doing it. 

Well, I'm doing another round of Whole30 and y'all....THIS SHIZZ IS HARD.

And I've done it before. Twice.

I know the results. I know how good I feel. I know how much I really do love the food. But it's hard because I also really love cheese and cinnamon toast and powdered donuts and pizza and nachos. And cheese. I really love the cheese. 

So I need my bestie. And when I'm doing Whole30 my bestie comes in the form of awesome social media accounts that inspire me, make me laugh and know that I feel somewhere between amazing and wanting to punch a dolphin in the face. 

And since I'm a giver, I want to share these besties with you. 

I mean the first one is a no-brainer... Whole30. I can always count on this account to pop up with something motivational or snarky at just the right moment. Exactly what you'd expect from a bestie. I really did feel like this baby elephant on Day 6. Except I didn't have snow and my butt doesn't look that adorable in the air. 

Next up... Whole30Recipes. I love this account because each week it is curated by a different Whole30 Guru as I have dubbed them. Regular old people like me that have managed to create real, wholesome amazing Whole30 compliant recipes that involve more than eggs and fruit. ;) I've discovered tons of new accounts this way... most recently WholeSisters and one of my favorites TheEverGreenDiaries. These people are committed Whole30ers and provide amazing pics and awesome recipes to get you through.

The Whole30Approved account highlights "products that have been tested and loved by the Whole30 team and officially approved for use during your Whole30." Things like Bonafide Broth - this is important for people that live in small towns and don't have access to amazing grocery stores and also don't have time to make our own broth. Or perhaps know how. Or want to know how. Because #Amazon. This account is for us.

My last two besties I have stalked talked about before. First up the darling Cassy Joy from Fed+Fit. You may remember my stellar review of her new book of the same name. This account is just FULL of amazing ideas and recipes with the added bonus of her darling personality and adorable dog, Gus. You really should follow her on SnapChat at FedandFit to get the full experience. Not all of her recipes are compliant but so many are and she's a good resource when you are off Whole30 but attempting that 80/20 lifestyle we all aspire to follow. 

ps.  Her ranch dressing recipe is my favorite. 

One of Cassy's real life foodie besties is Juli of  PaleOMG. Her account is full of food, fashion, fitness, fun and her fur baby, Jackson. This woman is hilarious and also much more fun to follow on Snapchat. She not only shares amazing recipes but tons of fitness tips, workouts and motivation. Like Cassy, not all of her recipes are compliant but enough are to keep you motivated. 

These five accounts keep me motivated, fed and fully functional for the 30 days. Anyone else I should follow? Maybe someone that makes dessert because day 31 is always my favorite!

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  1. Great post! I'm still trying to figure out which bestie I am...lol. Ok...so next Whole 30 I'm on board with you.