Style Me Stella...

I'm pretty sure that we have established that I am not a fashion blogger. For several reasons that include...

1. My lack of selfie skills
2. My lack of flat-lay skills (I don't even know how to spell that word)
3. My lack of energy (Y'all... the planning that goes into posts is exhausting!)

Fashionistas. Fashion Bloggers. Fashion Gurus. Fashions Queens.

I salute you!

All of that to say, I was kind of excited when my friend Jennifer approached me about her new Stella and Dot adventure. I should probably add "hopeless with accessories" to the list above if I'm being honest and not because I don't enjoy/appreciate a good statement necklace... more because I wear the same three all the time!

Jennifer loves an accessory and she also loves telling people what to do helping people find their best look so this new venture is perfect for her. She let me pick out some pieces from what she has from the new line and y'all... I am pumped!

Quick confession: I don't have my ears pierced. Well, I had them pierced but that quit working out my senior year in college. I also have freakishly small wrists so bracelets aren't my favorite. So basically I wear necklaces. But don't let that stop you from looking at the line, because there are some amazing items!

Here's what I selected:

Here's some plans for styling them...

(remember what I said about a flat lay)

(and don't judge because I took these on my phone with no natural light in the room)

(Carla Tassel and Chevron Bracelet)

(Sutton Necklace and Chevron Bracelet)

(Jacqueline Lariat)
ps. I think this necklace would be AWESOME worn backwards if you had a backless dress

(Sutton Necklace - extended and Chevron Bracelet)

I'm excited to get some wear out them the next couple of weeks and try different styles. Most of these necklaces can be worn at least two ways so if you think about that,  your price/piece goes down. Browse Stella and Dot's page to get an idea of what you may want and then you can join our "party" beginning THURSDAY at 7pm! 

As always, the more the merrier! They have a big sale coming up so now is a perfect time to order! The party will be open for three weeks - so you have plenty of time to shop!

Which look do you like best? I'm dying to get the York Necklace so I can try out a few different looks!

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