16 from '16...

I thought it would be fun to do a little "year in review" and what a great reminder that 2016 wasn't so bad y'all! So here are our top 16 in '16... 


We started the year out with an AMAZING trip to NYC. The city is my favorite place in the whole world... and Ryan is a big fan, too... so it was extra special that we got to share it with all three kids. 

I've been every year since I was pregnant with Radley but this was the first time I walked the Brooklyn Bridge and what a crew to share that memory with.

We really had the best time and ended it on such a sweet note!


I made it a goal to be a bit more social through this little blog of mine and loved all the link-ups from this year. The one in February was so much fun to write and was a great reminder that showing love is easier than we think!


Growing up, my momma always made us feel special on our birthdays, at Christmas, on a random Tuesday. She celebrates big so I love that as adults, we can now celebrate her big! We treated her to dinner and a show for her birthday and had the best night! 


Watching Ryan coach these kids in soccer has been one of my favorite things about being married. Something so simple, but makes me smile so big to see him share something he loves so much with them. 


Life isn't always sunshine and roses. We get big fat reminders that our journey is full of left-handed turns when we only want to go right. But no matter the route, He sends us reminders that he is really good at getting us there.


Miss Elizabeth. Kind. Loving. Thoughtful. And one of the biggest blessings to have come from working at A&M. My kids are spoiled rotten by the amazing young adults that come in and out of their lives. Something tells me, she's one that will stay.


I mean, this wasn't a fancy vacation AT ALL, but being able to spend Spring Break together was such a blessing! Ryan lucked out and was able to get this coveted week off this year so we soaked up every minute and took a quick little trip to knock two more states off our list!


Nothing in life can trump the ability to witness your children come to know Jesus. Each journey is unique and while we cultivate a love for Christ as best as we can, they have to mold their relationship on their own time. Radley received his First Communion this year and I could not have been more proud at how well he understands the beauty of this sacrament. 

Sharing it with the special people in our lives that know and love our kids made the day even better.


We attend at least a dozen events at the kids' school each year. Sing-a-longs, parties, festivals, parades... Kindergarten Circus is hands down my favorite program at College Hills. Period. The end. Not gonna change my mind ever. If we had to move before Landry went to school there, we would drive back just so she could be in it. 



Radley returned to Carolina Creek and enjoyed an entire WEEK at camp. I loved logging in every day and finding him in pics - he's totally my kid and made sure to find the camera and smile. Ha!  

Emmy also got to go to camp for the first time. She didn't warm up quite as quickly as Radley did in year one, but she ended up loving it and wants to go back for the 3-day camp again this summer. 


Ryan's work took him to a center near Galveston in July, so we decided to make a long weekend of it and head down there for a visit to Moody Gardens. We had the best three days discovering new things, hanging with Dad and all of our favorite part... 

hanging on the beach!

The trip didn't end there - the kids and I headed east to visit Mom and MaMaw in Baton Rouge! Mom spent most of her summer helping MaMaw rehab after breaking her tailbone. The reason that I can do hard things? Easy...I watch my mom do them all the time. She never quits or gives up or takes the easy way out. Doing for others is her gift, her ministry and she teaches us all so well through it.


Dating our kids has become a summer tradition. Each kid gets a special night to with just me and Ryan - they pick the activity and lunch/dinner location. I love these dates so much - the only thing I don't love is that we don't find time to do this more often! Parent tip #103 - date your kids

These next three are gonna seem like I'm spoiled ...


Girls getaway to Austin the first weekend of school... we ate our way through that city and it was GLORIOUS!


The King and I's getaway to VEGAS BABY! We ate our way through that city and it was glorious....


Girls getaway to Austin #2 to see Adele.... we ate and sang our way through that city and it.was.GLORIOUS!


December is basically one giant highlight reel of magic. I can't possibly choose one thing to talk about, but I'm never gonna pass up the chance of posting darling kiddos, dressed in their Sunday best, sitting in one of our favorite bars.

2016, you weren't so bad. You got a bad wrap because, well, some not-so-fun things happened. Overall, you were good to us and those we love. But if we're gonna be honest, I think 2017 is going to be even better... 

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  1. It was an amazing year. May you have a more epic one this 2017.