ABCs of Spring Break...

It's 8:25pm on Sunday.

I have been in my pjs ALL DAY.

I didn't even do the thing where you shower at 5pm and then put on clean pjs.


Spring Break is here and the King family started strong.

We have some major plans to continue on our trek of nothingness and I honestly couldn't be more excited. Do you ever feel like your life is just too scripted? That we have a plan or activity every single day of the week? Goodness - it's just exhausting. I love looking at all the pics of friends that are already spread across the map on super fun trips, but we are staying home.

Instead, we're going to find some adventure here. I was so inspired by Shelly's "daycation" a few years ago so we put a twist on it and did the "ABCs of Spring Break" to keep us occupied and hopefully away from the "I'm bored" syndrome.

The kids and I made up a list today to get us through the next five days of fun....

Radley, Emmy and I made the list while Ryan and Landry took a late day nap at 5pm. Emersyn took her job extremely seriously. She added "turtles" because "we never feed the turtles anymore" (I'm not sure when we've actually ever fed turtles) and insisted that we recognize Landry's birthday. I mean, good thing, or we would have totally skipped over it. 

I'm really looking forward to "Q" and "I". 

In case you want to do something similar with your crew, here's a blank one you can use! 

I think you can right click, save and then upload to your favorite photo editor to add your own title and prompts. I used Picmonkey. You could also just pin it to save for later!

Happy Spring Break, friends!

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  1. Love!!! Maybe I need to create one for Carly & Holden this weekend...