Show and Tell: Edition Party ALL the time...

What better day to talk about parties than my birthday y'all!?! How crazy is that I've been on this earth for 28 30 34 35... a lot of years!!! I was JUST a kid myself and while my momma didn't have Pinterest to drive her freaking crazy inspire her to throw an amazing and elegantly curated birthday party for me and my siblings... but that didn't matter. I had the BEST birthdays!!! One of my all-time favorites included my first grade sleepover.

We ate too much icing, stayed up way too late and my mom let us play in all the makeup that we wanted. I searched everywhere for a picture of this amazing event and came up short. I looked, Jenni looked, my momma looked and we can't find a copy. I'm sure it will turn up somewhere, but for now just imagine this:

And because I think we have thrown some awesome kids parties over the years, here are links to my favs (please note we didn't leave Radley out - I just didn't blog then and I'm too lazy now to upload pics.)...

 You can see her party pics here

Party Pics Here

Perhaps my personal favorite because we used this theme from birth announcement to birthday!!

ps. this may be my favorite thank you note ever.

Party pics here


Whew - if you made it all the way through then congrats! You now know all about my crazy. I have to admit - this was so fun!!! We are actually out of the "big party" years. Radley either has sleep overs or chooses a trip, last year we took Emmy to get her first American Girl doll and we will do the same for Landry this year. I know that we will probably do something special for their special milestone birthdays but I'm kind of sad to leave this themed process behind. Because let's be honest - these first few birthdays are totally more for us than them! :) 

Can't wait to get some inspiration from y'all! Loving this topic for Momfessionals today!


  1. Oh what wonderful inspiration! Ff to check out the garden pool party!

  2. Gawd...i'd love just a pinky worth of your creativity

  3. Yes...a fellow crazy party person. I love it all! :)
    Loved seeing your parties, great job. I really loved that for the back to school party you had people bring school supplies to donate...that is AWESOME!