Friday Favorites: Bluebonnets


For about five minutes I pretended I was going to edit these pics. HAHA.


But they are still darling and celebrate one of my FAVORITE things about Texas. 

At prayer time tonight Emersyn was thankful "for the beautiful Spring time because it gives us bluebonnets."

We got an extra treat with having Owen with us. Doesn't he look good in that Texas tee?

Me: The quicker you smile, the quicker you're done
Them:   ......

Looking for lady bugs...

The girls made a special request for an extended photoshoot. 

They really really love their "Camerican Girls". 

I was even instructed to let them take a picture alone.

If you need these tees (and you do) check out Old Navy!

Happy Friday y'all. And Texas Forever. 

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  1. Super cute!! The Matilda Jane boards are covered in blue bonnet pictures, and it just makes me super jealous. This pics are ah-dorable!! Happy Fri-yay!