Oh the Places You'll Go...

College Hills Elementary joined the rest of literary fans everywhere and celebrated Dr Seuss'  birthday with books and posters and silly dress-up days. But the celebrating didn't end there, the first grade paid tribute to his work with their own version of Seussical the Musical.

The kids were asked to wear solid color tshirts and pants with pockets for the program so we snapped pics of her in this darling dress the night before. Landry wore hers to school on Friday but wanted in on the "preview" shoot.

I was actually in Dallas for work but made it home just in time for these kids to load in for the big show. Mrs. Ramos did a fantastic job arranging all the kids to make sure that every single one could be seen no matter where they were standing in the show.

Emmy, as opposed to Radley, was front and center so we were treated to her expressions and enthusiasm with no obstructed view. ;) 

She was so excited that her bestie, Macy, had a speaking part! 

This was 30 minutes of pure sweetness y'all. The songs, the message, the choreography, the props... everything was just perfect!

And just when I thought it couldn't get any cuter...

Emmy comes strutting down those steps for the big finale.

The song was encouraging everyone to read because you can be anything you want to in a book - a scientist, an explorer, a painter, a movie star.... I'll let you guess which one Emersyn was supposed to be.

Mrs. Ramos had emailed me a couple of weeks ago with how excited she was about Emmy's part. "It's just made for her - I can't wait for you to see!"


Gigi went to both showings that day and while she reported that the morning show was better, we had a great afternoon with our musical star!

Radley and Landry were so so proud of her! Radley sat with us and kept whispering to me, "she's so cute, Mom." He would never let her hear him say that. 

All smiles for my sweet girl!

And we all know who the real star is - ANYTIME Daddy can make it, these kids just light up. I guess I'm good sharing the spotlight. ;)

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss! 

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  1. What a fun program! I have to ask, where did you get the dresses for the girls? They are adorable!