Show and Tell: Embarrassing Moments

Andrea has invited us to disclose our most embarrassing moments this week for her Show and Tell series. And I have to be honest - I don't really that many. 

I mean, there was that time on the first day of athletics in 8th grade where we were all doing our warm-up laps around the gym as lunch was ending when I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE in front of the school.

But I wasn't really embarrassed. 

Then there was that time at work that I walked out of the restroom, down the hall and in to my office being closely followed by Ms. Jean who said, "KATY! KATY! Your dress is in your UNDERWEAR!!"

But I wasn't really embarrassed. 

There was also the time that Ms. Jean gave one of my students a key to unlock my office because she didn't realize I was in there pumping. 

I was totally NOT embarrassed. My student? #mortified

If I really had to sit and think about things that embarrass me, it's honestly the things people never see. My jealousy. My insecurity. My lack of faith. The way I compare myself to others. The stupid choices I made when I was younger.  The way I behaved when people weren't looking. 

Essentially, my sinful nature. 

I'm embarrassed that I don't trust in His plan as much as I trust in MY plan.
I'm embarrassed that I sometimes still care about what people think of me.
I'm embarrassed that I don't get more comments on my blog posts.
Or likes on a FB picture.
I'm embarrassed that I'm being so vulnerable here. 

The good thing is - I learn from my mistakes. I am better because of them. I can move forward and try harder to conquer those shortcomings. 

The great thing is - I am renewed in Him. Every single day, He gives me grace. He lets me start over. I am allowed to laugh at myself in spite of the fact that I will probably mess up 1000 more times. I am surrounded by friends and family to help me on my journey. And that ultimately what others think of me, is nothing compared to how much He does. 

And there's nothing embarrassing about that. 


  1. I love this! Thank you for being honest, and the things you shared are things I struggle with. Minus the comments, because no blog 😊 but the jealousy, the insecurity, not trusting enough, right there with you. But God is so good, His mercies are new every morning! Have a great week! 😊

  2. And want to say, you have a beautiful family!!

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