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Welcome back to Royally Waiting - can't believe this is already our third week! Holly, Shelly and I are so thrilled you are here and hope you'll link up when you can! I've had so much fun seeing what everyone is doing these days! Here's a peek into my world...

CELEBRATING... Y'all. I accidentally let the party keep going for 5 days past my birthday. My students had this set up in my office when I returned. One of them had actually turned 21 the week before so they shared the love with me. I mean - how cute are they?!? I also got to enjoy dinner with my closest peeps from all walks of life on Saturday evening. What a sweet gift to my soul!

EXPLORING... One of the groups I advise at Texas A&M hosts a leadership conference in Dallas. We headed north and got to tour Southwest Airlines HQ. Y'all... besides just being physically cool - this place was AMAZING. Their heart was visible through every aspect of their physical space. Their mission, vision, culture was all just so inclusive and inviting - I would LOVE to work here. 

One of my favorite spaces on the tour was this wall... these quotes are HILARIOUS. And actual things from real-live flight attendants. 

This one was my favorite. 

REFLECTING... Last year at this time Shelly and I went to the inaugural Brazos Valley Fashion Week. This was a HUGE fundraising event for a park that will be accessible for all residents of BCS regardless of ability. Loved being able to support such a worthwhile cause and have a ton of fun doing it.

PLANNING... to attend The Fashion Event (formally BVFW) later this month. This year they are supporting Mercy Project.  The MP is working to find a solution to aid in the freedom of the more than 7,000 child slaves in Ghana. This effort started with one trip and a boy named Tomas. Chris Fields was ever changed by him and his story. The rest is history.

The truth is, these children are no different than my own. They have a different circumstance, yes. But they have the same desires. To love and be loved. To learn. To explore. To create. To live. When I saw this picture and read her story, tears instantly filled my eyes.

Her name is Millicent. 

Landry's best-friend is Millicent. 

These kids are our own. 

Millicent was part of the first rescue group of 2012. At the time, she was 13 years old. Her typical work included fishing, cooking, cleaning and caring for her master's biological children. After her rescue, school was challenging and she had to make adjustments. She's in a vocational program to work to become a seamstress and when asked how it feels to sew instead of her previous work, she says, "It feels marvelous... [my biggest dream] is to have my own business and teach other young girls how to sew."

I just love when a community comes together to support an amazing cause. God is completely moving through the Mercy Project and if I can help in even the smallest way, then I'm aiding in His message. Ticket prices vary from $50 - $150 depending on which show(s) you attend but I can tell you that this event is SO.MUCH.FUN! All age groups, all sizes, all backgrounds are represented in these designs. I just had so much fun and can't wait for this year's event! If you can't be there in person then buy a raffle ticket - prizes are sponsored by David Gardner's Jewelers and Pure Bliss spa.

WEARING... I am definitely not the fashionista that you'd expect to attend something as fun at TFE, but y'all I try. My momma picked out this adorable pair of floral pants for me and I wasn't too sure about them. I posted a pic on the Insta and y'all, everyone was sooooo nice! Tags came off and these are now in the rotation.

EATING... pancakes. Shelly had our families over to celebrate National Pancake Day - and I don't care if it's a fake holiday or not. 1. Brinner is always good 2. Dinner with friends is always fantastic 3. A night that I didn't have to cook or clean - COUNT ME IN! Thanks for having us Shelly!

WANTING... sleep. I think that's my cue to shut this computer and my eyes!

Hope you join us for this fun link-up. Make it your own or use one of our prompts to help get you started! We are ROYALLY WAITING to read along!

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  1. Love this new series ladies and thanks for the Mercy Project and The Fashion Event love! 😘

  2. I am loving this link-up, thanks for hosting! Also, I love those pants and they look great with that top and shoes. Pancakes are always a favorite! Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks, Jenna! They're from Old Navy - I edited to include the link!