Our American Girl...

Saturday was a BIG day in the King household... we were expanding by one more. Gigi and Pops arrived bright and early to hang with the big kids before Ryan and I headed out with Landry.

Can we pause for the best silly pic ever?

A short two hours later and we had arrived at our destination...

And y'all, two seconds later and she had found her new best-friend. I'm not sure I've seen something more sweet - she was so happy. She was so giddy. She was so ready to take Mary Ellen home.

So, out of the box she came to explore the store and find the perfect extras to take home with her.

Which of course included a matching dress. I peeked into the dressing room and caught her looking in the mirror. I can't get over how perfect her cardigan matched the new dress - this was clearly a match made in heaven.

Out of everything in the store she could have chosen, we went home with a daybed and trundle and some slumber party essentials that she could share with Emersyn.

I really can't get over how sweet these sisters are. They fight, yes, but they love each other fiercely and Landry didn't want to leave without making sure she could share something with Emmy.

As we were walking out, she insisted on one last picture in front of "all the Mary Ellens" ... 

and then I spotted this sign with Mary Ellen's motto and loved her even more. 

If you would have told me seven years ago that my life would be filled with Barbies and baby dolls, I would have laughed. I wasn't into either growing up, preferring to do whatever Jeremy and Jody were doing and pretending to be one of the guys. But you know what, I can't imagine life filled with anything else. I love hearing them play "mommy". I love that they bring these dolls everywhere. I love that are getting to learn about love through these "American girls." 

Once we had finished in the store, we made the rounds in the mall which included grabbing some gifts for Rad and Emmy at the Disney store and this was pretty much her face the entire time. 

She opted for cinnamon sugar pretzels instead of a real lunch which means she's a girl after my own heart. 

One more picture and the time had come to head home.

Okay, one more picture...

She slept the entire way home with Mary Ellen in her lap. 

We finally walked in the door and introduced Mary Ellen to the rest of the family. These four have been inseparable since and I have a feeling we are going to have a lot more days filled with 4 girls instead of two.

I'm kind of looking forward to every single one of them.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That pictures of her looking at herself in the mirror! Priceless and definitely a keeper - just like lovely Landry!