Royally Waiting: Spring Break

Welcome back to Royally Waiting! Shelly, Holly and I have been a ton of fun getting to know each of you and read all about what's been keeping you waiting, dreaming, loving... you get the idea. Here's a peek into what I've been up to this week.

Watching: Y'all. We all know that I'm obsessed with This is Us. And if you aren't, too, well... quit reading all the blogs and catch up already BECAUSE HOLY COW!!! BUT... it's kind of a lot. All the emotions all the time is a bit stressful. I'm not sure I thought I'd be able to cry at a TV show so much. So to balance all of that out, I ventured into "easy" TV. Enter...

Silly. Easy. Almost moronic. Basically the perfect counter balance to ALL THE TEARS!!

Checking: Off items from our Spring Break ABCs.

We've purchased new books, had lots of fun with friends, played outside, gone on a hike, fed some turtles, crafted and the list keeps going! 

Celebrating: Tomorrow is Landry's FIFTH birthday. I'm not even sure how this happened. I mean I know that time marches on and all that, but how is this BABY...

 FIVE YEARS OLD??? We started celebrating early with a trip to the American Girl store last weekend. Gosh this girl has filled our life with so much fun and joy and love and I can't wait to celebrate her tomorrow!

Waiting: To celebrate ELEVEN YEARS of marriage with Ryan THIS Saturday. We actually got to bring Landry home from the hospital on our 6th anniversary so that will be hard to beat. This year we get to attend another wedding which is basically the most perfect way to celebrate marriage ever.

Hope your week has been just as fulfilling as ours! Don't forget to link-up with us before you go! Use your own prompts or some of ours!

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