Paw Print Festival 2017...

Saturday was the College Hills Elementary annual Paw Print Festival and the first set of spring storms finished just in time to make a gorgeous day!! We always plan the event to coincide with The Big Event at Texas A&M so that we ensure we have PLENTY of volunteers to help run all the games. I happen to think that we get the BEST volunteers since half of them are from MSC FISH. 

These Aggies do everything from setting up games, hauling tables, hanging signs, taking tickets, scooping ice cream and helping where ever needs arise - we realized we needed a photographer so Manny made sure to document the day. And since they love my kids, I lucked out and got a glimpse into all the fun they were having while I was busy running around!

Radley adores Drew - his whole face lit up when he saw him. I kind of think the feeling is a bit mutual. I'm not sure who gives each other more sass.... 

I mean, Dad Drew is the best.

Tia and Uncle Josh made their way up there in time for the official start with all the girls in tow. (Ryan was at our house with our own set of Big Event volunteers helping to redo the front landscaping in our yard!) I was very clearly giving them an important message. 

So thankful for this six pack!

My kids had so much fun all day long!

Kelsey, Drew, and Becca walked around with them, held their drinks, kept track of their prizes, filled them up with plenty of sugar and spoiled them rotten. At some point they had all 6 and didn't blink an eye. (Well, I think Drew had all 6 for 5 minutes and may have been freaking out a bit.)

Emmy's feet may have never touched the ground. 

While my "old execs" were making sure my kids were taken care of - this crew (and Manny behind the lens) was making sure I was taken care of. They checked in, ran errands and just offered the best support to this event. 

A THOUSAND BIG THANKS to you MSC FISH! You enrich my life and my kids' lives so so so much!

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