Friday Favorites: Girl Bosses

Happy Friday y'all and HAPPY SPRING BREAK to those of you that get a reprieve from the hustle and bustle next week. We have the most amazing plans to do nothing. Ha!

So in honor of International Women's Day this week, I wanted to give a quick shout out to some of FAVORITE girl bosses out there. These women are my friends and mentors - the ones that keep me on my toes and push me to aim higher, work harder and live life to the fullest. They manage so much more than portfolios and do it with grace, dignity and gusto.

Susan (to my left) worked with me, gosh, a lifetime ago it seems. She was/is my confidant, my go to, my shoulder, my conscience, my cheerleader, my .... the list could go on and on. (Vanessa, to my right, is pretty freaking amazing, too!) To my utter dismay, Susan moved home to Arizona. (Seriously we still cry about this). She has an amazing husband and three gorgeous little girls that are gracefully being raised by a strong, confident, intelligent momma. In her spare time of managing a household with an internationally traveling husband, she started a consulting business. 

Choice College Admissions "exists to provide expert coaching to the best and most selective colleges, universities, and graduate school programs in the country."  Y'all. I don't have kids in college - they aren't even close to it, but if I did and I thought that they needed assistance in navigating the CRAZY admissions process, I would call Susan. Her care and compassion, attention to detail and commitment to excellence are all you need to know. I am so thrilled for this journey for her and can't wait to see all the lives she's going to impact.

Niki. Every single business I've ever "created" has involved her. We are idea people. We have big plans. We once convinced a teacher to let us do a project together and we weren't even in the same class. We are the loudest, craziest people in the room. We don't know strangers. Our lives have taken different paths but they always lead back to each other. In her spare time of managing music artists agendas, music videos, public appearances and whatever other cool things she has done, she started a **tiny** little side gig.
DivaDance is every girl's excuse to have the best dance party in the history of ever. I'd try to summarize her story but she does it so well. Seriously, read it. I'll wait. (By the way, Niki and Jami are the same person - she switched to her first name, Jami, as an "adult") ;) I have had the honor of being one of her first clients way back in 3rd grade. Our living room was the stage and as talented as I am at all things dancing, Niki was clearly in charge. She's been dancing ever since. We have had so much fun making up routines, being silly and letting our hair down.

That is DivaDance. Strong, empowered, capable, confident women (and men) having fun. Letting it out. Whatever it is. Bachelorette parties, sorority sisterhood, work events (y'all - SHE WORKS WITH THE CREW FROM THE DAILY SHOW!!)... they can cater to your needs. She just sold her first franchise and I have basically never been more proud. She's amazing. If you're in NYC or Austin then make this part of your trip. (And if you're one of my IRL friends, hit me up, we can arrange a fun local party, too!)

My sweet friend, Emily and her friend, Stacie started a home interior business. They are passionately using their God given talents to help transform the spaces that people call home. And y'all - they are so GIFTED at this. Seriously, I see a lamp, Emily sees.... well, something way cooler than a lamp. 

Revival Living Interiors believes that the house is the structure and that the home is the story waiting to be told. Take a minute and read their belief statement.  Holly is currently working with them to transform her home and I have loved following along. I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

All three of these women are strong and centered and committed to something bigger than themselves. I am so inspired by their heart and honored to not only know them but to call them my friend. Let's do more of this celebrating of each other not because of some "day", simply because we are stronger together!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Well aren't you just a doll. I don't think I realized you and Emily were like for real friends.

    1. We were in the JL together - she had to put up with me lots. :)

  2. They're all inspiring.
    Happy Women's Day (belated).