Royally Waiting: What's Up Wednesday Edition

Happy Wednesday y'all! Shelly, Holly and I are so excited you keep coming back for Royally Waiting. We are having the best time getting to know each and every one of you!

This week is extra fun because we are joining Sheaffer, Shay and Mel for their monthly What's Up Wednesday! 

What we're eating... 

I can honestly say that since doing my first Whole30 in Nov. '15, I have committed to a healthy, whole breakfast 90% of the time. My go to spicy+sweet brussel hash is still in the rotation. Keeps me full and satisfied until lunch. 

I have been eating TONS of salads with my new favorite dressing. 

This Tessemae's is so good that I think I could honestly just drink it. I want to have a shrimp boil and dip the shrimp straight into the dressing - it's so light and full of flavor and full of goodness! And a little goes a LOONG way. So ignore the higher price because it's worth it!

We've also gotten in the habit of buying two rotisserie chickens at HEB and shredding them to use during the week. My new favorite is to add Fed+Fit's homemade mayo, cucumber, tomato, and then slice fresh avocado. So yummy!!

**I wish I only ate like this. I've also downed a few powdered donuts this week, too!**

What I'm reminiscing about...

This time last year my students organized a meal packing event to benefit the people of Haiti. In 3 hours we had 145 volunteers pack 37, 152 meals! They are hosting this same event this Friday! So if you're on campus and want to help - let me know!

The annual Paw Print Festival is always this time of year and we had the best time last Saturday on a perfect spring day! Like clockwork, the pictures from the first year I co-chaired the event popped up on my timeline. 

(With donut all over his face!)

What I'm loving...

This candle Shelly gifted me.  

(I mean, the name alone is worth the purchase, but y'all...I fell asleep and left it burning all night last week. First, I didn't burn the house down. Second, my house smelled amazing for days. Third, there is still a TON of candle left!!) 

This shampoo/conditioner/dry shampoo. 

I bit the bullet and finally tried Living Proof. (Ok, my mom bit the bullet and finally bought me some for my bday). I LOVE it. I am not a wash-my-hair-everyday kind of girl. (Who am I kidding - I go way more than two days). But this keeps it so clean longer - even WITHOUT the dry shampoo. 

What we've been up to... 

I had every intention of dedicating a post to our eleven year wedding anniversary. But, well... life happens. 

We got to celebrate by attending a WEDDING! How fun is that?!?! Liz was one of my favorite Aggies of all times and she's still one of my favorite human beings ever. She met her husband at Baylor while they were both attending seminary. My favorite touch to their sweet nuptials was when they presented communion to every guest there. 

And then we had some fun in photo booth. Age looks good on us. We earned those wrinkles and rolls through laughter and tears and late nights of frozen pizza and ice cream.

What I'm dreading... 

I have committed to working out. Again. Dreading the early mornings but also really looking forward to this time to focus on me. 

What I'm working on... 

See above.

What I'm excited about...

Finishing the job that Big Event crew started last weekend. Our front landscaping was just sad and awful - they ripped up tons of bushes, raised the beds, added mulch and got everything read for us to plant. Ryan has also pulled out the rest of those bushes on the right. We have a blank slate... any suggestions?

What I'm watching/reading...

I started a new show that I've heard tons of amazing things about - my favorite being that one of my friends is related to the star! How fun is that?!? If you need something a little silly and fully musical then check this out on Netflix. LOVE.

I have an entire shelf in my closet of "books I need to read." Most are religious and I've done a horrible job keeping up. Starting Finding God's Will this week and have enjoyed the message. The author is an Aggie and used to lead Breakaway at TAMU which is a huge weekly bible study/worship on campus. (And by huge, I mean like 10K people attend).

What' I'm listening to...

On repeat.

What I'm wearing...

Almost every single outfit the past two weeks have started with these
I LOVE them. SOOOOO cute. AND comfortable. AND I grow 4 inches. 


I especially loved them with this combo. Cold shoulder from my birthday shopping spree, a coveted Dooney and Bourke (Zulily find!) and white jeans. I felt so springy!

What I'm looking forward to this weekend...

Yard work. And having nothing real on the agenda!

What I'm looking forward to next month...


What else is new...

Our link-up is still fairly new! Hope you'll join us each week as we give a run down of what we're up to! What are you waiting for??

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  1. I'm going to try a variation of the brussels sprouts hash (my husband is vegetarian) because that looks AMAZING!

  2. I've heard great things about Living Proof! I love the B&TB soundtrack. The music in that movie was amazing!

  3. Umm...that blue purse is adorable! And I really want that top. I really don't know how I feel so connected to you and then read a post and find out more. haha I'm counting on you to remind me I need to watch this Crazy Ex Girlfriend show!