Tiny Tales Thursday...

Five years ago I was the most pregnant I had ever been and y'all, it felt like Landry was never going to leave the womb.

Radley arrived 9 days early on September 6.
Emersyn arrived 10 days early on June 7.
Landry was supposed to arrive 8 days early on March 8.

6 - 7 - 8.

Perfect, right?

Dr. Dawson had even scheduled my induction on the 8th "just in case" but none of us thought I'd need it.

(See above for "perfect plan").

Well, March 8 was drawing nearer and she didn't arrive.

March 8 arrived and so did hand foot mouth disease.

That baby wasn't going anywhere if I could help it. Because ALL THE NOs for that mess.

I was devastated. (And maybe also over-reacting a bit in true Katy form).

I was sooooo prepared.
I was sooooo ready.
I was sooooo pregnant.

I even started maternity leave early because there was literally nothing else for me to do but wait. I was able to take 40 week pictures.

I was in unchartered territory.

Dr. Dawson went skiing, the kids started Spring Break, I was on the couch and Ryan was putting up with all of my crazy.

And then at 5:45am on March 16, she decided she was ready. By 9:45am she was here. On her own time as part of His perfect plan.

Why do we insist on big, giant gestures from Him? I know that His plan is divine, but I clearly need reminding and once again, He comes through in grand style. Her arrival made our family complete and He gets all the credit.

Radley and Emersyn are two of the greatest big siblings I know. Those girls push his buttons and as mad as he gets, he loves them so genuinely.

And Emersyn. I told her tonight as I was singing her to sleep that she was made to be Landry's big sister. Her reply, "I know, Mommy. She's my best-friend." 

2011 was a hard year. We lost Fely within 9 months of her diagnosis. Within 9 more months Landry had arrived.

His plan. His grace. His mercy.

Our blessing.

Happy birthday, Landry. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to be your mom.

I love you in the morning when the sky is blue.
I love you in the evening underneath the moon.
I love you each and every day, oh yes it's really true.
Lovely Landry, I love you.

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