One last day at the lake...

One the biggest perks of kids going to school (besides no more daycare cost) are the friends they make because we get new friends, too! A few weeks ago the parents of Emmy's bestie called (and by called, I mean sent me a text... ha!) and asked if we wanted to join them and a slew of their friends at the lake. They go every year and thought their kids would like to have our kids... y'all.

Can we just pause and think about how important it is to keep building your circle? Donna didn't have to invite us... they go every year with the same group and would have had just as an amazing time as ever even if we weren't there but she went out of her way to include us and I just wanted to cry at the kindness. Kindness matters plain and simple so thanks, Donna! They were heading to Lake Limestone the same day we picked Radley up from camp, so we headed that way around lunch and made our way to the prettiest property you can imagine. 

If you ever doubted that God orchestrates our lives... I have known Macy's dad for as long as I can remember. He is the first cousin of some of our closest family friends growing up so our paths have crossed over the years and when Emmy came home the first day of kindergarten declaring Macy as her best-friend I couldn't help but smile. We had the best time spending the day enjoying the simple slowness of summer days. 

Did I mention the scenery was pretty amazing, too? These deer were so not afraid of us... I kind of wanted to see if one would just come eat out of our hands.

The kids fished and swam and went on epic little adventures in the woods.   

After lunch Blake set up his famous slip n slide and it looked so fun that I almost worked up the courage to give it a go...

but then I remembered I was closer to 50 than 20 and rethought that decision because bruises aren't that pretty.

The kids obviously thought it was the best day ever!

And I may just have to agree...

Sunshine and smiles are a great way to wind down another awesome summer...

they didn't want the day to end and begged us to let them keep fishing until they caught at least one.

Tatum was the only one with any luck but they got lots of practice casting!

Thanks for including us, Witt family! 

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