Kindergarten Countdown (10, 9, 8)...

Landry's official countdown to kindergarten started last Friday and we started with my favorite item... 

Learning is Fun

Just like with Radley and Emersyn, we started the countdown with an amazing "lesson plan". Words of wisdom and encouragement from our nearest and dearest. Twenty people took time out of their lives to send Landry a little love and I can cry just thinking about it. 

Each note has a special meeting and I'll post the full lesson plan later. I thought these words from KK are so important considering my thoughts on raising the change. 

Love Jesus. Love others.

It's as simple and true as that. 

Just Keep Swimming

School may only be nine days away but summer isn't over yet! We grabbed our besties and headed to the pool to get every last drop of summer we can!

Gear up for school

She was pretty darn excited about this day because she got to open THREE packages!

She picked her backpack and lunchbox out ages ago but I hadn't given them to her yet. I love how excited she was to open something she had been waiting for!

She couldn't wait to try that backpack on...I'd be excited if it stayed this color for the next five years!

And because I needed to see the comparison...

She also got an extra surprise for all those sleep overs that you attend when you go to school!

She was so excited about all her new goodies that she insisted on Rad and Emmy getting their gear out for a picture, too. And they love her enough to oblige...

8 days to go.... 

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