DIY Fairy Village...

We have had a busy two weeks that included packing bags for three different overnight trips so I was so excited that the forecast called for some rain. The PERFECT excuse to sit and be lazy, right? Radley is at camp this week so the girls and I had big plans for some "girly girl" time as they call it. Emmy got it in her head that she wanted to build a fairy village so we set off to do just that and I have to admit that this may be one of the cutest projects we've ever done. And y'all.... SO STINKING EASY which is always a win!

We started by gathering some supplies of things that could work for fairy village signs, houses, and decorations and then just went with it. Our supplies included:

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Wooden bird houses, acrylic paint, paint sticks, flower pot, fabric scraps and elastic...and yes, I just had these around the house. (You'll probably have to go purchase some cheap bird houses.)

The girls started by painting the paint sticks and choosing what they wanted each "sign" to say.

Using sharpies was much easier for them than trying to paint words onto the sticks.

This girl's handwriting has improved SO MUCH this summer and I love watching how proud she is of her work.

And Landry does a FANTASTIC job as well...

Once they were finished with their signs, we headed outside and found a flowerpot full of dead flowers because well, #texassummer. We just nailed the sticks to a piece of leftovers from another project but you could also use a tree branch and then I used a mallet to set the sign into the pot. 

We made some small rag garlands to add some fairy flair to the post. To make these just cut left over fabric in strips and tie around a piece of elastic. The girls did this without much help from me. 

We even had enough to string one between the branches for the "penthouse".

Emmy painted a birdhouse bank earlier this summer which made the perfect spot for the Tooth Fairy.
(Note: I have since cut the extra elastic)

and Radley painted these in 2009 y'all....they were just sitting in our garage, so.... 

Pretty darn cute for a random rainy day activity!

Now we are just waiting for our first house guests!

Happy crafting y'all!

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