Kindergarten Countdown...

Y'all. In just 10 short days we are going to have THREE kids in school.
(and all the people said AMEN!)

Landry has been the least excited about going to kindergarten out of the Wee3Kings so I'm hoping her Kindergarten Countdown works some magic to build up that tear down those fears and build up that excitement. 

I LOVE making big deals out of big moments. Gifts and acts of service are my two major love languages so I show love by doing and giving. I also want the kiddos to know that school is something to celebrate! 

I do my best to make sure that I am as consistent as I can be with the kids but when I saw Landry's piled of goodies compared to Rad and Emmy's well...


Landry King... you are going to be the most amazing kindergartener! You are smart and strong and courageous and kind. You are going to have the BEST time with your new friends and teachers and we are all cheering you on!!!

Let the countdown to Kindergarten begin!!!

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