Royally Waiting: End of summer


My name is Katy and occasionally I pull it together enough to write posts when I am supposed to. For example, on Wednesdays Shelly, Holly and I host a link-up, except Shelly really hosts a link-up because for some reason me and Holly sometimes can't get it together. BUT... here we all are on a Wednesday excited to see what's been going on in your world!

As for us? I get time off each summer and the past seven weeks have been just what I needed. Spending time with family and friends, focusing on the kids, and doing nothing at all are a really great gift. It's just enough time to relax before I'm ready to strangle someone. ;) We have been busy the past three weeks ...


Today is my parents FORTY EIGTH wedding anniversary. 


Forty.eight.years. with someone that drives you crazy at least 30% of the time. Goodness, me. Thanks for being an example of sticking through the hard to enjoy all the good. We love y'all!!

This picture was from their 40th anniversary surprise party - for their 50th Pops is taking us to Italy...whether he likes it or not! ;) 


We finally got the install guy to set up the zipline Santa dropped off which was actually perfect timing for the summer lull. 


Frankie and Johnny are the stars of the King household. They are loved more than they probably want to be and are so patient with the kids and all of their friends. Love these "outside" cats. 


Some ears! You have to read the full recap of the piercing heard 'round the world. Definitely a night we will never forget!


Our kiddos! Every year we look forward to these back to school dates and every year I say that we need to do this more than once a year. 

Full recaps coming soon!


on three things.... 

1. These three to get home from camp so we can hear about all of their fun!

2. The Aggies to get back so we can officially kick off fall...

3. Us to hit the lottery so I can stay home alllll the time! ;)

Happy Wednesday friends can't wait to hear what you are waiting on!

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