Kindergarten Countdown (3, 2, 1)...

Our last three days of the countdown included my favorite things....

Make Memories

We once again completed my favorite interview sheets from Positively Splendid. I tried to be smart and print all the copies I needed from now until they graduate HS... I then proceeded to lose them. 

I love seeing what stays the same and changes for them every year.

I also love watching their handwriting change as they grow up!
(Emmy's favorite color changed from purple to turquoise... y'all - that's kind of a big deal!)

I would like to note that the printer decided to break as we printed off the final pages of these sheets. 

And in case you can't read this, I went above and beyond and started interviewing them, too. I so regret not having more videos of Radley and Emmy's voices from when they were babies so I hope to do a better job of taking videos. 

Back to School Breakfast

There's no way we will be ready in time to have a "real" breakfast together on Monday, so we started having our back to school breakfast the weekend before school starts. I printed these signs last year and somehow failed to link them to the direct link from Andrea's blog.

Landry helped Ryan get the pancakes ready...

While I set the table.

Our mantra for the year is "kindness matters"... plain and simple.

We enjoyed an awesome breakfast together and everyone got the chance to write down how they are going to show kindness this year. 

I kind be kind by: 

Radley: Sharing, listening, honesty, raising my hand, being 3rd, ring of respect, following directions
Emmy: helping, being 3rd, sharing, loving
Landry: helping, sharing, listening, loving like Jesus

Pray for our school

Our plan was to drive to the kids' school today and say some prayers and leave rocks with our favorite verses on them, but Harvey had other plans for us. Instead we'll say our prayers from our couch and deliver rocks later this week! 

Hope y'all have a great week!!! 

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