In the words of our favorite Uncle Jessie... HAVE MERCY have we been busy. I'm basically at blog slacker status, so here's an attempt to play a serious game of catch up. But first.... some super old Sunday Sweetness.... 

If we aren't outside by water then the kids are inside building something.... 

Emersyn can't get enough of legos at the moment and Landry is obsessed with Magnatiles. 

Radley is content with cat naps.

I went away on a quick girls weekend to the lake and made sure to pick up a bottle of this delicious spirit. My friend, Jill, introduced this to me. Just serve it on ice with some fresca and you have the BEST summer drink EVER in the history of summer. Also y'all. It's ORGANIC and CUCUMBER.


We were lakeside for two days and I was not complaining at all. 48+ hours of me not making one meal? Yes, please!

Also. I need to thank my parents for paying for my friends in college. Turns out that sorority thing worked out for the best and gave me an entire lifetime of sisters and all that other cheesy stuff. 

New friends, old friends, lake friends!

Shout out to Chrissy's momma who spoiled us ALL weekend long! 

We've been slowly prepping for back to school which just basically means I've been buying waaaaayyyyyyy to many clothes for these two.

But seriously, how can I not?!?

We road tripped to Waco for a day at Hawaiian Falls...

and had the PERFECT day! Since the weather was so cloudy, the park was not crowded and we didn't burn to death sitting outside. 

The next day we took shelter and opted for bowling instead!

This tooth has been hanging on for dear life for weeks.

The girls begged to stay one extra night with Gigi and Pops but Rad and I headed home and I put on real clothes. I also took a shower and dried my hair. I felt like I needed proof.

Meanwhile, the girls were being spoiled....

and I was prepping for a "quick" garage sale. Y'all. How in the HECK do we accumulate so much stuff. I could basically summer in Italy for the amount of money I apparently spend on SWDN. SO.MANY.CLOTHES.

I did come across a long lost treasure... Jeremy worked at Furrow in college. Furrow became Payless and then closed down and he moved over to McCoys. At one point Ryan also worked there and I guess he stole a shirt because....

Here's our "quick" sale that required me to borrow four additional tables. But for the first time ever, I had an real customer buy almost ALL the remaining girls clothing!! Holy cow I was GIDDY!

I celebrated my VANniversary and took a little insta poll on which shirt I should buy as a present to myself. Number 1 won by a landslide, so stay tuned. (My personal favorite was #3 because honestly, I have ZERO shame about my Minivan game.)

We got to spend all day with the Munsons one weekend and by the end of the night we had some funky looking feet. You know it's a good day when grocery store feet are the result of all your playing! I'm pretty sure my kids hadn't bathed in at least three days at this point.

Emmy ran some errands with Ryan one afternoon and I just died from her cute confidence. This is so her - put together exactly how she likes and in what makes her feel good! Love her!

We hosted 26 of our favorite Aggies for dinner before Camp King...

and then had the Mondayest of all Mondays in the history of Monday. We ran errands for 5.5 hours straight and while we got everything accomplished on "the list" we ran into about 294 small annoyances that almost sent us me over the edge.

But hey, we got some cute shoes for the girls, so that was a WIN!

And that's us in an instant!

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