12 days of Christmas (pt 3)...

Only 3 days until Christmas - Drive through Santa's Wonderland

We had the best plan ever for this activity.

1. Bath and PJs - check.
2. Pick up dinner - check. 
3. Eat in car - check. 

4. Drive to Santa's Wonderland - check
5. Drive through park - ummm. No check.

This is the part where I learned that you should check the hours of operation online before making plans. The park isn't open to drive through traffic on Saturdays. It was one of those moments where Ryan and I looked at each other with the "oh no...we are about to break some hearts" look.

So we made up for it with froyo.

Then we headed to our neighborhood and sat and watched the 10 minute light show at a house down the street. It's the kind that is coordinated to music. Everyone got to sit in the front seat and we all danced along. (Ok, well me and the kids danced).

Only 2 days until Christmas – Smile for Miss Sarah

We were going to take Landry's nine month pics on Sunday but Sarah was able to do it on Saturday so I was out of a daily activity. I switched it to Radley's choice and he decided he wanted to make cookies and give them to the fire station down the street. 

We were going to make ginger bread men but well...a few things:
1. I didn't have any cookie cutters
2. I don't own a rolling pin
3. I'm not really that great of a baker.

Instead, they just got ginger snaps.

Radley was just super pumped to deliver them and the firemen were equally excited.

Emmy wasn't so into the generosity of spirit so I couldn't put her down.
(Good thing she is cute, huh?)

Radley got to sit in the firetruck, turn on the lights, look at all the gadgets and then we even got a grand tour of the place!!

I felt like I shouldn't take pictures since they "live" there but it was pretty awesome! Each shift has their own pantry and fridge, their living room was huge, their back deck was amazing and the living quarters weren't too shabby either. They showed us their new alarm system which includes a special message when the door bell rings. 

Someone was in heaven. 
(So what if it was me - I am a tax payer, right?)

Before we left Radley requested a quick picture with the trucks that had newly installed "5s" on them...a kid after my own heart.

Only 1 day until Christmas – Bake a cake for baby Jesus

My two little elves were pretty pumped to help with the last Christmas activity.

Until it came to the part where we had to wait.

 I looked up to check on Landry and I guess all the excitement just took its toll.

Face down. I tried to move her and she wouldn't budge. Little bean was exhausted!

We of course also made some cookies for Santa...

and then Radley put the finishing touches on the cake for baby Jesus!!!

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