Tiny Tales Thursday...

Only 7 days until Christmas – Drive through the neighborhood to look at all the lights.

We maybe broke the law a **little** because I let the kids sit in the front seat. This clearly made their entire Christmas season. (I figured I survived childhood and my car seat was being barely held together with duct tape. (Thanks Mom and Dad).)

The night was a big success - the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Ryan with us. (I seriously have a love/hate relationship with online shopping). 

Throughout the night I was gifted with some fun little diddies from my cute kiddies....

Emmy (in the sweetest loud, high pitched voice you can imagine): Mommmmyyy!! Look at the LIGHTS! They sooo pitty!!!! Pitty lights!!!

Radley (in reference to the Santa pictured above):  Wow! That Santa is GI-NAN-TIC! 

Radley (as we were driving through the "fancy" part of our subdivision): Whoa! Are those hotels or houses? 

Emmy (when I said we were headed back to the house): No. I don't want to go home. (It's really cuter when you see the exaggerated chest crossing with the arms and the pouty side glance to accompany it)

Radley (as we pulled back home): Looks like we blew a fuse again. But that's ok. I'm not sad. Our house is still beautiful. 

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