Sweet sisters...

I must admit I was a little worried about how Emmy was going to act around a baby. She was a "baby" when we found out about Landry and even really when she was born. (I keep them little for a long time). Radley is clearly the tender hearted, sweet natured child in our brood and Emmy has always been a little more demanding.

 Radley is a great big brother - the best actually. He's sweet and loving - he has even helped Emmy clean up after a potty break unprompted by me.  But he has always wanted to play with his toys and wasn't really into the "baby" phase with Emmy.

Emmy LOVES having a real life baby around. What a blessing these past nine months have been watching these two go beyond being sisters to really becoming friends.

Now that Landry is mobile Emmy leads her around the house and definitely likes to play "Mommy". She's only put her in time out twice and threatened to spank once.

Just want to hold these precious moments in my mind and heart forever.

Love my sweet sisters so much!

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