Happy Monthday...

Lillian Landry King

you are


What have you been up to lately??

Well, I'd say your eating is definitely back on track! I was in kind of a hurry one day and decided to see if you would eat the baby food straight out of the pouch and you sucked it down in about 1 minute. (But I guess with me and  your dad as parents, you were definitely going to be a good eater). ;) You still nurse/take bottles 4 times/day and have breakfast, lunch, dinner +snacks throughout the day. You have discovered table food and would much rather eat what we are having. So far you have tried bananas, egg noodles, spaghetti, pancakes, toast and biscuits. I think this month we will add some more fruits and veggies in the mix. 

You are still in a size 2 diaper and you wear pretty much whatever I put on you. Meaning, if I think something is cute and it's a 3 month onesie - it fits. An 18 month dress - it fits. :) Your hair is getting noticeably longer - we may add some ponies into the mix this month.

I actually took you to your well check early again (score!) and Dr. H couldn't be more pleased.

Height: 27.5 inches; 30th percentile
Weight: 17.5 pounds; 30th percentile

Your hemoglobin levels are a little low just like me and Rad so you are on an iron supplement and we will recheck your levels at 1 year. I'm not particularly worried, but you'll be getting extra special prayers that we don't have to do anything more than added iron. 

Naps are still your best friend. Just yesterday I put you down around noon and at 3:30 your dad went to check on you. You were just sitting up in your bed - happy as could be playing with your taggie and dolls. 

We really hit the jackpot with you! You continue to be such a sweet baby - only showing us tears when your teeth seem to be hurting or you are hungry. You have shown us a little "stranger danger" anxiety this month - but let's be honest...I like knowing that it's me you want to hold.

You are a mover and a shaker. You are never in the same spot that I have left you - which means I need to be better at removing dangerous things from your surroundings. 

Nothing is safe from your grasp. Especially bows on all the presents. We are gonna need to have a little heart-to-heart because Momma is serious about some Christmas wrapping.


Your technique in moving cracks us up. You have to be in a sitting position then move to all fours then lunge forward and scooch. If you don't succeed the first time, then you sit back up and try again. 

You can find the smallest thing in the middle of my what-I-thought-was-clean carpet. And when you succeed at getting what you want you sit up and clap.

Seriously cute.

Speaking of clapping - you can successfully wave "hi and bye" on command and clap when you see other people doing the same. Baby genius. 

Your besties still include Rad and Emms with Mom and Dad a close second. Radley still makes you laugh the loudest and Emmy's toys are your favorite. 

You love the following:

Chewing on anything
Pulling hair - especially Mommy and Emmy (not cool)
Smiling with your mouth open
Eating big kid food
Empty water bottles
Your giraffe(s)
Pulling bows out of your hair
Cuddling with Mommy


You are the easiest baby in the world.

Ok - so that's been established. 

But it's true and you haven't done anything out of the ordinary since our last update.

Fact: Your eyes may be my **current** favorite thing about that adorable face. 

And your cheeks. 

And your one tooth grin. 

We love you, lovely Landry!

So excited to share this holiday season with you!! 

Note: She is practicing for her cheerleading debut. The perfect form for a herkie can be seen above. 

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