We interrupt this blog...

To bring you a football fan.


I can't take it anymore. My name is Katy King and I am obsessed with Aggie football.

There I said it.

And the truth is, I've really been more into "it" (football) than I have ever let on. Because, well, a girl can only take a broken heart so many times.

But this year has been amazing! And just so much fun. Just like I remember from college (which is more than some people may think).  And, well, there is a tiny part of me that just wants to accept this success with grace. But that other not-so-tiny part of me wants to scream it from the roof tops and shout "in your face insertnamesoflotsofpeoplehere"!!

(But what kind of example would that be for my children?)

(and well, some of those names may include family members)

But, back to my obsession. I mean, I've been watching videos of our recruiting class. And reading things about other teams. And gchatting with Cindy about more than just what our husbands may have accidentally forgotten to accomplish this week. (Mainly that includes talk of Kliff, but well, we are married women).

But who cares?!? Because, man is it great to be an Aggie!!!

Just look here.

And here.

And here.

Well, just go ahead and create a youtube account and call in sick to work because there are 100s more just like those.

Truthfully, it's always great to be an Aggie. Every single day.

Especially today.

I know we have "Aggie jokes" and people don't always take us seriously. We have the reputation for being conservative to a fault and a little on the cultish side....BUT there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not proud to wear that ring on my right hand.

Because we also have Maroon Out, the 12th Man, Silver Taps and Muster.

As a student I got to witness some great football games - I don't know that we ever lost at Kyle Field when I was here. (Maybe we did and that was one of those times I don't remember). But more than that I got to LIVE the Aggie Spirit.

Personal top three proudest Aggie moments:

1. Aggie Bonfire 1999 - I know it's strange to say that this tragedy is in my top 3, but I attempted to explain why a couple of years ago.
2. Red, White and Blue Out 2001 - In eleven days 1 student's idea came to life as over 80,000 people stood in Red, White and Blue to "Stand for America". They raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims of 9-11 while showcasing what Texas A&M is all about. I can remember exactly where I stood that game.
3. Getting my Aggie Ring, April 6, 2001.

And now I think I may have to add a number 4 to that list. And it's not just Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman, it's the spirit that he and the entire team created in doing so. Students and Aggies everywhere are once again celebrating something that I think was lost on that fateful day in November 1999. Don't get me wrong - we are a campus full of energy and spirit. Committed to something bigger than ourselves. But there has just been *something* about this football season that has brought us all "back."

Maybe it's the fact that we had something to prove.

Maybe we were all annoyed that Baylor pulled out a Heisman last year (SMH).

Maybe it's just our time.

When I arrived in Aggieland in August of 1997, I never in a million years would have thought I would have made this home. And I don't know that I did. I think it just became home. It holds countless memories, laughter through tears moments and some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. I met the man of my dreams, started a family and created a life.

It's sounds weird to those that have never lived it. Even as I type I want to roll my eyes at myself - because this can't be real life. But it is. Aggies are a different breed. We believe in a "spirit that can ne'er be told" and we live that spirit every day. It's more than just a school. I have tried countless times to describe it but I guess our saying is true... "From the inside looking out you can't explain it and from the outside looking in you can't understand it." It may just be impossible.

"Leadership, respect and putting others first is what the 12th Man is all about...Forty thousand students standing not as fans, but as members of our team." - Johnny Manziel, Heisman Acceptance Speech.

I am proud to be a 12th Man.

And love every bit of crazy that I am.

Howdy.Gig'em.Whoop. {Johnny}