A change in routine...

It's funny how much a daily routine can evolve over the years. 

Bath time looks a lot different than it did just 5 short years ago.

To begin with, it now includes the responsibility of cleaning more than just myself. And it no longer includes a tasty beverage most of the time. ;)

This time of day was much more educational when it was just Radley. I used it as a large part of his play time. We discovered colors, letters, shapes, animals, words, etc... during this part of our day. I would have to add warm water just so we wouldn't "freeze" to death. 

Then when Emmy came along it got a little shorter. I had double the parts to clean and what felt like half the time to do it. Emmy's skin is also extremely sensitive and she is prone to some major eczema break outs so baths are a doctor recommended every-other-day occurrence for her. 

And now we add Miss Landry into the mix. 

Ha! It's become a survival of the fittest, every man for himself kind of event. 

Both of the big kids like to "help" bathe Landry and so far she's okay with the assistance.

I sometimes miss the ease and break in my day that was once associated with this nightly ritual. But I must admit that the giggles, wet floor, soapy bodies, and smell good that comes with triple the fun also triple the happy in my heart. 

Now if only I got to use my tub as much as them.

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