The King Family Christmas continues...

Ryan and I talked a lot about gifts this year and decided to adopt the "3 gift" rule - we figure if 3 is enough for Jesus, then it's enough for our kiddos. So, Santa brought some stocking stuffers and a big(ish) gift for the kids and then we bought 3 gifts for them. One that clothes you, one that brings you joy and one that brings you closer to God. And you know what - Radley was as excited about his Star Wars trashcan from Santa as he was about the bigger stuff he had gotten in the past. And Emmy loved her play make up and Landry, just liked the paper and boxes. :)

Our Christmas day goes something like this:

1. Kids wake up and see that Santa has arrived
2. Dive into his goodies (which was pretty low-key this year)
3. Breakfast with GiGi and Pops (and Pete if he makes it)
4. Sorting of gifts
5.Opening of gifts
6. Playing with gifts
7. Spaghetti for lunch
8. Naps/watch movies/all around laziness

Kayla stopped by to drop off a gift for the kids that she bought with her own money and Radley wanted to show her their shiny new jeep from Gigi and Pops. He was such a gentleman that he let her drive! 

Then it was time for the Royal Hot Messes to celebrate over GiGi's spaghetti and gravy. (If you aren't jealous - you should be. I know I mention it lots, but my momma's spaghetti is legendary).

We got to wish Jody, Sonya and Owen a Merry Christmas face to face on Pops and GiGi's new toy!

And the bigs got in some snuggle time over a Christmas classic.

Millie and Landry say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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