Date Night...

Ryan and I talk lots about what we used to do when it was "just Radley" versus how we manage our time with 3 precious kiddos. This got me thinking about how important individual time is with the kiddos and what it not only means to them, but what it means to me and Ryan, too. 

So Saturday was "Date day" and while not all my plans work - this one did!

 Morning/afternoon: Dad and Rad, Emmy and Mom
Evening: Mom and Rad; Daddy/Daughters

Landry has gotten into a pretty consistent weekend nap routine: nurse at 11 - sleep until 3! :) So while she was catching some ZZZs, Ryan and Radley got to work on putting up the outside Christmas decorations. And he was PUMPED (Radley, not Ryan. Although Ryan is pretty much Clark Griswald - blown fuses and all). 

While they were beautifying our yard - Emmy and I were beautifying our toes. She was in HEAVEN! And I clearly was too - I mean what could be better than a pedicure while holding a tiny little human with the most precious voice asking you questions and being "so happy, Mommy!"?

Nothing. That's what.

And what girl talk is complete with ice cream?

Then it was home for naps for the bigs and some Mom/Dad/Landry time. 

Then we switched. 

Nap #2 for Landry while Emmy and Ryan finished up the lights.

And Radley and I headed out for dinner and a movie. 

Don't I have the most handsome date?

Radley got to pick the dinner locale and ordered for us. Since it was so early we were practically the only ones in the place so when he had to use the restroom I let him go alone. In that one moment I made his day and almost crushed my own. 

He is getting so big and not just in size. He is just growing up. He was even too big to want to sit in my lap at the movie. We saw "Rise of the Guardians" and I was slightly afraid that some parts may scare him. Nope. He loved it and picked up on some of the jokes that I wasn't sure he would get. 
(It was a great movie, by the way, but probably for the 5+ crowd at least).  

Ryan and the girls had an exciting night of soccer and pizza. 
(and laundry folding - thanks, babe). 

When I got home, Emmy was in all sorts of dress up clothes, Landry was rolling around and Ryan was trying to figure out what to do next! Made me happy to be married to someone that can be silly and have fun and want to really play with his kids.

We really did have the best day just hanging out with our kids - and who wouldn't when you have kids as cool as ours? 

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