Christmas Cheer...

We got in our cutest Christmas gear for church on Sunday! I love that the girls can get more than one year's worth of wear out of their clothes. Radley's sweater already seems too small and we just bought it two weeks ago!

We actually only had to take two pics to get these - CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Emmy and Landry both have on 18 month dresses. Ha!
L's is actually much to big on her, the shoulders kept falling off, but I liked it and wanted her to wear it. Emmy's fit perfectly. :)

All we could

ever hope to have

for Christmas! 

(That a clean front door. Sheesh.)

After we woke up from naps we loaded up the car and headed to the Brookside Manor because we had received the most lovely invitation for tea earlier that morning. 

And arrived to place settings prepared by Miss Caroline, one of the gracious hostesses. 

The service was on par with the Plaza and the big kids even got to enjoy REAL Christmas China. 

Radley couldn't stop giggling at Tia and Josh. 

It was a great way to spend our Sunday afternoon and a good reminder that this season is about sharing time with those you love. Holding them close and creating magic in every part of your day!

Thanks for the lovely tea! We will be back again!

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