Tiny Tales Thursday...

I think I have mentioned our bedtime routine before.

Bath.Books.Teeth.Prayers. (sometimes it varies)

The point is we have a routine.

The actual point is last night as Ryan was tucking Radley in he mentioned that he wanted to pick Radley up for lunch and take him Christmas shopping. He was hoping that Radley would be as excited as he was about spending some "Dad/Rad" time together.


"Sounds cool, Dad. As long as it's not Friday. Because we get to wear pjs to school and watch the Polar Express. Or Monday because it's pizza day. Can we go ahead and make it next Tuesday?"

Sure thing, buddy. Next time Dad's people will call your people.


  1. This cracks me up, my 6 year old son is the same way.....guess we should just be glad they love school and all the activities now because in a few years they'll be begging us for skip days/ lunches out!!!