Life as a {UPS} wife...

I get to spend lots of alone time with the kiddos during the holidays. Ryan's hours are completely crazy and unpredictable, and well a little ridiculous. He has come home after midnight more than once already and I won't lie about how frustrated I get. 

It's hard. It's tiring. It's lonely. For both of us I know. I miss him and he misses us. I admit to losing my patience faster than I should. For letting my stress levels dictate my mood. And for eating out more often than normal. 

The kids don't seem to mind though - poor third child. 
No bib. No place mat. Just some noodles and her hands. 

The upside is I get to spend lots of time with these kiddos. We get into a routine for sure about what we do each night, and Radley has become quite the awesome helper!

Friday nights usually equal movie nights.
Mom usually falls asleep on the couch. 
But they just like the snuggle time, and clearly so do I.

It's easy to get caught up in the frustration, but at the end of the day I am always proud of the work Ryan does. Of his commitment to do a good job and teach our kids about the meaning of hard work. 

So, as reminder to all of you waiting on a package, a little upset that it hasn't arrived - take the time to thank that driver or in some cases the managers that are picking up routes because of the volume. In the most wonderful time of the year they are missing out on cookie decorating, movie watching, story time, and memory making magic that makes this season so incredible. 

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