One of my favorite things about blogging is reading and connecting with other bloggers and also stealing all of their wonderful ideas!! My new sweet in-real-life friend, Holly did a great post about making the last day of school a fun celebration! And I thought that we should do the same!

So - in an amazing turn of events, RYAN TOOK CARE OF EVERYTHING! All I did was pick up the kids from school and distract them for a while until we got the green light to come home. And we arrived to this: 

and their reaction was priceless!

The suited up and put on some war paint and we were good to go. 

Have you ever seen a more fearless face?

Landry's muscles would be more intimidating if it wasn't for those pink cheeks. 

I think Landry jumped up and down in that pool 100 times. 

And this time Ryan added a tarp for the landing complete with soap to make it extra slippery.

I'm not sure how many times Radley said, "Thank you sooooo much! This is the BEST surprise ever!" Y'all - we took him to Disneyland and his reaction wasn't that big. Just goes to show that kids need love not lots of stuff.

And a baby pool is just as much fun as resort style lazy river. 

I could remember this moment forever and never be sad. 

Did I mention that Ryan even looked up things on Pinterest and this one worked? I mean, jackpot, friends. Dad/Husband jackpot. 

Happy Summer, friends! May be it filled with fun in the sun, happy memories, painted faces and water parks in your backyard. 


  1. Seriously, I need a cool last name.

    1. Herbst ain't the worst! (No?) Herbst Heroes?

  2. Oh my goodness....that looks like a blast!

    1. It really was and just proves that kids need love and attention and not all the bells and whistles that I can get lost in!

  3. This looks AWESOME!!! Way to go, guys! The kids absolutely were having a blast! I want more details!!!