Friday Favorites: It's SUMMER!

Y'all. I can not even get close to the realm of possibilities of explaining how much we LOVE summer. LOVE LOVE LOVE and it's HERE!! 

Join me in celebration...

So, it's summer and I bet what you are really thinking about is "What are Katy's FAVORITE things this summer?" Well, I am so glad you asked... 

Texas. I love that I live in Texas and get to spend my summers in Texas. I love the heat. I love the sun. I love the sound of cicadas. I love the smell of heat from the sidewalk. I love sitting in my hot car after being in a cold movie theater. I love Texas

And I am so sad about all the devastation that has occurred from the storms we got last month, and I wish there was something I could do. If you are interested in giving back and want to help some of the flood victims, my friend, Lauren, has started a MAJOR fundraiser selling #texasstrong shirts. Y'all - she set out to make a couple of hundred dollars in memory of her mom who lived at an assisted living community before she passed away that was affected by the storm.

Her campaign has raised almost one hundred THOUSAND dollars. 


You can buy shirts here and 100% of profits will be given to Unite Way Hays County Flood Relief.

And y'all - they are cute...

REAL cute...

Read about why she started this campaign here.

Tank tops. (See Texas heat statement above). I basically live in workout clothes in the summer but every now and then I have to look acceptable, so I have this tank top in pretty much every color available. They were on sale last weekend for $6!!! SIX DOLLARS. Y'all. It would be wasting money NOT to buy one. It's great alone, with a statement necklace or to wear under your favorite cardigan.


Reasons I love them: Lots of color options, great for layering, wash/wear well, and they are long. Like wear with yoga pants and cover your lady parts long. 

You're welcome. 

I am also loving these tanks:

The JCP tank would be adorable with white skinny jeans. It comes in "tall" so it will be long enough in link and a great fun pop of color. (Gigi - I need a medium). :)

The Gap workout tank is ideal because it's not tight in the tummy region.

And I love the green of the JCrew factory tank, although that cut is questionable on me. 

Tans. I love how brown my babies get in the summer...

But I also love protecting their skin. Both Radley and Landry have scars on their faces that need extra sunscreen so when my dear, dear, friend Melanie posted these on a recent post about summer, I knew we had to get some.

I think this will be their favorite thing all summer long. 

Note: this stuff gets everywhere so maybe only pull out "war paint" mode on special occasions. It did wash out of the suits but I would recommend just putting it where it's needed most. :)

Taking our time. I just love the ease of summer. The attitude of slowing down. The ability to let it go. And then I scream at myself, "YOU COULD BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME!" But then maybe summer wouldn't be so special. 

On this particular, "we have all day" moment - the kids had finished washing my car and I did what any logical mom would do - I grabbed the shampoo from inside and told them lather up. They LOVED it and I did, too. 


These women. 

Cindy and I had decided that we wanted to work our way through Angie Smith's Seamless bible study this summer. After a brief conversation, we thought, "Let's just put it on Facebook and see if anyone is interested in joining." 

Y'all more than 20 women were interested and NINETEEN were able to make it work with their crazy summer schedules. I am so so so excited about this. I am humbled that God would move our hearts to lead this together. I am nervous to let them down. And I am thrilled by these new favorite women that I will get to spend time with over the next several weeks. 

So, can you do me a favor and pray for our journey? This may be my favorite thing this summer... what's yours?

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  1. So fun! I love Friday Favorite posts! I ordered my tank today, well, because #Katietoldmeto! :) Loving the bible study! Thank you for listening to what God put on your heart! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    1. The tank is seriously cute! Can't wait to get mine in!! I'm so glad we connected through this space - such a fun journey ahead!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our #texasstrong fundraiser!!! Over $123K raised now for Hays County Flood Relief :)

  3. I heart summer in Texas too! Amazing story of Texas Strong! and sad I missed out on the bible study, sounds so good and what a great looking bunch of ladies. I pray it blesses you all immensely!

    1. Thanks, Kim! AND you are welcome to join in! We meet again this Sunday at 7! Just email to let me know! Never too many to hear God's word!