Here goes nothing... 

Our dinner group met again in May...DERBY STYLE! I mean, how cute are we? Ryan was missing because he was at an actual race - the Ironman to be specific. His best-friend was participating and Ryan wanted to be there to see him finish. You can read all about Jamie's journey here

This guy had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. No matter how old we get, no matter how wrinkly or gray or spotted (ew)... this is who I see every day. That kid that stole my heart all those years ago.

This guy crashed his party.

But I think the birthday boy was okay with it. 


He also didn't mind the continued celebration the next day. Ryan has historically taken the entire week of his birthday off (smart guy) so I decided to stay home since it was a rare day this May to have no rain. We got to enjoy the morning together before heading to Rad's school for an end of year picnic. 

I kind of love that their whole lives we will have pictures of them together at school. From babies to big kids... 

I decided that we NEEDED a banquette. I also decided that Ryan's vacation week was a great time to get said banquette. And he ROCKED it.

We also did a little gallery wall with some of our favorite artwork from the kids. I LOVE how it turned out. We have already added a "K" and will eventually add Landry's drawing of our family that she will do this year in her new class. 

Y'all. I won something. I NEVER win anything but I won a DARLING bracelet from Curbside Chic -  a MOBILE fashion store. (And how smart were they to give away only ONE bracelet because I CLEARLY had to buy a second one!) Follow them on Insta here. (And thank me).

We started our Memorial Day Weekend celebration with a trip to the George Bush Library and Museum. All of this rain has made the grounds absolutely GORGEOUS!

We then drove to Waco to celebrate Karli who was having a slumber party. I took the girls over for awhile and they thought they were so big with all these girls.

And even with all of the hustle and bustle of his week off - he managed to finish the banquette. Just needs some paint and some pillows. It looks so good and the kids LOVE it! Can't wait to finish it off!

We luckily got back to CS before the storms hit - I'm pretty sure the weather meant business with all of these email updates. If you are interested in giving back and want to help some of the flood victims, my friend, Lauren has started a MAJOR fundraiser selling #texasstrong shirts. Y'all - she set out to make a couple of hundred dollars in memory of her mom who lived at an assisted living community before she passed away that was affected by the storm.

She has raised almost one hundred THOUSAND dollars. 


You can buy shirts here and 100% of profits will be given to Unite Way Hays County Flood Relief.

Am I the only person whose strategy is to just eat all the ice cream as quick as you can so it's out of the house? 


The kids were pretty freaked out by all the storms - the thunder got a "little" loud (like CRAZY loud) and the girls started screaming. By the time I made it to their room, Radley had already started calming them down and was putting them back in bed. But then they asked if they could come sleep with me... all of me wanted to say "no" because I'm the world's lightest sleeper. But they are but little once, so we all piled in my bed and for 30 minutes Emmy and Landry played "let's move as much as possible". Sleeping bags on the floor for the win and sleep for everyone!

This kid was named "animal expert" two years running. 

And then just like that, he became a 2nd grader. 

And we are officially on SUMMER BREAK! 

Remember when we planted a garden? Well, guess what - it's growing stuff!! We have had tomatoes for the past 3 weeks; I purchased green onion 2 months ago and then planted the bulb in the ground and it's growing so well; and Emersyn came home with seeds in a styrofoam cup that turned out to be green beans!


It was our night to watch this crew and we were front row for a once-in-a-lifetime performance!

They stayed up super late and played at the park the next day for almost 2 hours and then had the greatest naps ever!

This sweet girl started her season of field trips this week and could not have been more excited!

When your bestie is married to an award-winning running coach, you celebrate #nationalrunningday. They all ran about one mile! 

And that's us in an instant!

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