Our lovely Landry...

This post is long overdue, so Landry, I hope you forgive me. It has been sitting in my drafted posts since before your birthday and I'm not sure why I never finished it. Maybe I got distracted. Maybe I did actually forget. Maybe I just couldn't find the words that I wanted to say to you. 

Regardless, here I am now. And here you are - 3 years, 3 months (exactly) and every bit as lovely as the day you were born. 

You are hilarious, kid. You make me and your day laugh about 876 times a day. Even when you aren't trying to be funny, you still are. Your facial expressions are seriously the best thing to happen to me. Your sass. Your ability to stay straight faced while I'm trying to be mad at you. The way you talk. How much you talk. Lord - you are just hilarious. And laughter is important so we thank you for bringing even more of that to our lives.

You are precious. Seriously so stinking cute. You would live in dance clothes and tutus and ballet shoes if we let you. You are always trying to do exactly what Emersyn is doing and it melts my heart. You love asking me, "Are you happy at me, Momma?" which is your way of making sure you stay out of trouble. (And smart because even if I wasn't "happy at you" I clearly couldn't stay "unhappy at you" after that!)

Gosh, you are joyful. Just so full of life and light. Your laugh is the best. 

You get the biggest kick out of the smallest things and it serves as such a beautiful reminder to me to do the same.

You would have spent hours twirling in this dress if we let you. And my prayer is that you keep that joy in your heart and that smile on your face because the world needs more of that and what a blessing you would be to others. 

You are independent. You are strong-willed. You are stubborn. You are capable. All adjectives that I hope you carry with your forever. So many times you have blown me away with your abilities. Whether it's putting your hair in a pony tail, opening a child proof door (for you big siblings!), or just pretending for an hour by yourself, you have it figured out and I am so proud of that tenacity in you. 

You are spoiled rotten. By us. By your siblings. By your friends. By your teachers. And rightfully so, you are the baby. You are OUR baby. And I am so glad that the Lord knew that we needed you.

We love you, Landry. Even if this post is 3 months late. You are so much more than I could have ever hoped or imagined. We are so thankful for the joy and the light and the love that you have filled our lives with and we love you fiercely each and every day. 


  1. This is seriously so sweet that it made me tear up. She's so adorable and definitely looks full of joy!

    1. She's the best - even at her sassiest she has our whole hearts!

  2. Such a beautiful baby and I am pretty sure since she is the caboose, she will be used to going with the flow and getting birthday posts late, growing up in the car, being dragged to everyone else's events and it will all be fine with her and go with her sweet free flowin spirit!

    1. I have often said that the third kid may get the yucky hand me downs but they get the best in parents. We no longer worry over the small stuff but rather take joy in the things that really matter!

  3. The baby...she sounds alot like my Carly.