Garden Pool Party...

Emmy lucks out and has a summer birthday which means she gets the luxury of a pool party every year and I get the luxury of not having to think about where to throw the party every year.


But we were talking and she asked if she could have a garden party - she wanted flowers and vegetables and all things pretty and girly. But at the pool. 

Sure, honey... and you know what? It was so cute!

She also requested an "HEB cake" again. Specifically a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake with flowers on it. Yes, I was thinking exactly what you are thinking now, but I went with it. Imagine HER surprise with the TMNT cake DID NOT include flowers. Y'all - she was so sad and genuinely shocked that flowers weren't an option. But, praise Jesus, because they did have a princess cake called a "Royal Garden Party" so the day was saved and she was thrilled. 

*Someone remind me to get her a TMNT flower cake for one of her wedding showers. Thanks.

So this party may be may favorite party decorations-wise yet. And BONUS - it was all things I ALREADY had. And y'all - oh my word the cute. Cindy and Josh just removed their fence last week, so I snagged a small section and Ryan and I used some chalk to make a welcome sign. I threw a rag garland on top and a stack of veggies in my PaPaws old water basin.

And it made the perfect picture opportunity!

So, mental note: never throw away the entire fence. Keep some because you never know when you need it!

I grabbed some fresh flowers, covered the tables in burlap and outfitted this basket with a quick sign thanking people for their gift cards for Keep Brazos Beautiful that Emmy was collecting instead of gifts. She picked flower seeds to give all her friends as a thank you for coming and so they can "start their own garden at home, Mommy."

Radley helped me pick out all sorts of fun vegetables and I managed to convince a few people that we grew them all ourselves. Ha!

Enough about all those cute decorations, all the fun was happening in the pool!

Landry was even brave enough to really jump into the water! Next step: head under water.

Emmy wasn't in the mood to swim in the "really deep" water but jumping was okay for her, too.

One group shot... 

lots of silly faces...

and a round of "Happy Birthday" that brought the most adorable and giddy grin to her face later and the party was done. 

(Why, yes she's holding flowers. And no, it's not because I forgot the candles, it's because we were trying to eliminate all those harmful emissions away from the kids. Ok, I forgot the candles and she blew out flowers.)

Happy party day, Emersyn! You are such a beautiful flower in our simple garden - we'd pick you over and over again! ;) 


  1. What a precious party and girl after my own heart. I love all the details, swimsuits to décor to party favors. Every ounce of this is fab....even for a grown up party. Your kids are so adorable!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I loved it so much (and didn't really pull anything together until Friday!) So cute doesn't have to be hard!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I die with all the cuteness! Love her little heart for others! Her mama is a rockstar!

    1. Thanks, Holly! It was so fun to put together. Those veggies made fantastic center pieces!

  3. You are a party planner deluxe...you and Holly should go into business together. ;) Maybe I can write your business plan and handle the finances! haha

  4. Looks like Emmy had a blast! Pool parties are a great idea, especially if the sun’s out and shining brightly. They're very refreshing, and also allows people to socialize in a light and interesting setting. While it’s too bad that she did not get her Ninja Turtles cake that time, I think the Princess cake more than made up for it, and it seems to fit the theme better. Cheers!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools

    1. Hi Stella - yes she did have a blast and was excited that those princesses got to come home with us, too!

  5. You are just a great party planner my friend!! The cuteness in this party is driving me crazy to host such a stunning party on my daughter’s birthday. Please guys suggest some good SF event venues for hosting a garden party!

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