After two days of celebrating, eating sweets, opening gifts and spending time with people that adore her - Emmy's favorite thing was a meal at Chuck E Cheese, dressed in whatever she wanted to wear with a birthday crown and a necklace. 

1 kid at camp, 2 kids at Gigi and Pops and a husband that works out of town all week, meant that I had a house all to myself. I can't recommend this vacation enough!

Our garden is so good at growing the world's smallest vegetables. 

Did I mention I was home alone? Did I also mention how awesome it was? And that I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I ate every.single.bite. of those nachos. 

The only time I doubted that choice was post 3 mile run the next morning. 

By Wednesday the whole gang was back together again as we picked Radley up from camp and got here all about how amazing his week had been. 

Here's a teeny tiny sneak peek at this little one's 5 year pics. I can't wait to see them all! 

I'm hoping this cucumber grows big enough to eat before dying, being eaten by a squirrel or just falling off. But y'all. We great a cucumber. It's almost as awesome as carrying a watermelon.

Emmy's class gets to go on field trips all summer long and Rad and I tagged along for her visit to Station #6. It was pretty awesome - they have a BOAT y'all. Like sometimes the alarm sounds and they have to bring a boat. That's so cool!

But not nearly as cool as this out of office reply I get to set each summer. So thankful for these eight weeks away each year. 

First official day off work and two of the three King kids were out with a stomach bug. So while they rested (or fake rested) I got in 30 minutes of lower fix. Love these work outs!

I celebrated by trying a new recipe with Greenberry Shake O. 
(1 cup ice, 1 blue container of frozen blueberries, 1 tsp PB, 1/2 water, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk)

The rain is back in Texas and Rad got caught in a down pour at Junior Golf this week. He declared it the most fun day ever. (And because this is my blog, and he's my kid...I'm gonna take a second to brag)

Overall, Radley did exceptionally well on the motor assessment scoring in the 95th percentile. He scored highest in the Upper Limb Coordnation, Balance, and Body Coordnation subtests and scored average or above average on all other areas. Each of these areas are and will continue to be pivotal in the development of his golf swing and help provide foundation for him to be successful in golf or any sport he wishes to pursue. I once heard a professional caddy say to his player “90% of the reason a golf swing is successful can be attributed to factors that take place even before you make your golf swing”.  I couldn’t agree more with this statement. If we get the foundations of the golf swing right, we are only setting ourselves up to be successful. As he did not score below average on any of the subtests, I have no recommendations at this point besides keep doing what you're doing!

He finished his week with a random play date with this kid, his idol. Cade is the older brother of Rad's classmate, Sage. His just the sweetest kid and they had so much fun - I kind of want to adopt him for the summer so Radley isn't bored with me al day. They played in the rain for TWO hours yesterday. I basically teared up at how much fun they were having being kids.

And that's us in an instant!

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